Online Sports Betting – Correct Sports Betting Tips

Every bettor wants to get as much as possible out of their sports bets. Maximise the profit, so to speak. With a sports betting bonus and the right sports betting tips, this can certainly be achieved. At least that’s what many bettors think. In this article to take a closer look at whether this is actually the case and present a few details on the topics of sports betting bonuses and the right sports betting tips.


This will improve your sports betting experience and counteract some of the untruths circulating on the internet. Especially with regard to the sports betting bonus, there are more and more websites that give false recommendations in order to collect possible commissions from the sports betting providers.

The Sports Betting Bonus

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A sports betting bonus Parimatch is a special benefit that is granted to the bettor by the sports betting provider. As a rule, the sports betting bonus applies to new customers, as the sports betting provider uses these bonuses to try to attract bettors to its betting offer. The sports betting provider uses the sports betting bonus as a customer acquisition tool, so to speak. The potential new customer is credited with an additional amount on his betting account. The amount and form of the credit to the betting account depends on the sports betting bonus and the sports betting provider and can therefore vary.

The deposit bonus

One form of sports betting bonus is the so-called deposit bonus. The sports betting provider gives the bettor an additional amount on his first deposit. As a rule, 50% to 200% deposit bonuses are awarded. With a 100% deposit bonus, the sum of the deposit on the betting account is doubled. With most sports betting providers, this sports betting bonus is limited to a maximum amount. The sports betting provider then says up to which sum a credit will be made to the betting account. Otherwise, the bettor would, for example, receive another €1,000 as betting credit for a deposit of €1,000. This would eventually break the sports betting provider’s neck.


The money back bet

Another possibility of the sports betting bonus is the money back bet. With this form of sports betting bonus, the bettor must first make a deposit and bet his money on an event. If he loses the sports bet, the sports betting provider credits the money back to the customer’s betting account. There are also different amounts used by the sports betting providers for this bonus.

The free bet

The last sports betting bonus is actually the rarest bonus in the sports betting business. The sports betting providers provide the bettor with a bet or a certain amount of sports betting credit for free, with which the bettor can challenge his luck. The highlight of the matter is that the bettor does not have to make a deposit. They receive the sports bet for free, so to speak.

What are sports betting bonus conditions?

Every sports betting bonus has certain conditions so that it can be used or the credit can be paid out afterwards. Most sports betting providers want the deposit and the bonus amount to be converted with a minimum turnover. Depending on the sports betting provider, this is around 10 – 20 times the turnover. This means that if you have made a deposit including a sports betting bonus of €40, you have to wager at least €400 – €800 to activate the credit.

In addition, most sports betting providers also set a minimum quota for their sports betting bonus. This means that every bet should be played with these minimum odds so that they are included in the calculation of the sports betting bonus. If the odds fall below the minimum odds, the sports bet is irrelevant for the sports betting bonus and further bets must be placed.

Is a sports betting bonus worth it?

Now that I have gone through the various possibilities of sports betting bonuses and also briefly touched on the bonus conditions, we come to a legitimate question regarding the sports betting bonus. Is the use of a sports betting bonus actually worth it? After all, you have to fulfil strict conditions and wager the money many times in order to be able to pay it out at the end. In return, however, you only receive a small additional amount on your betting account.

Safer to earn the bonus amount with an additional sports bet than to use the sports betting bonus. In the case of a 100% sports betting bonus, you pay in a balance of €50 and the sports betting provider credits your betting account with a total of €100. You must now wager this €100 at a minimum rate of 2.00 at least 14 times. In other words, you are obliged to wager 1,400 € at minimum odds of 2.00.

It is best to divide the betting credit into several parts. So you don’t place your sports bets with the entire betting credit, but with about 5 – 10%. This is a matter of opinion. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume 10% and that we win most bets! (This looks different in practice, but would otherwise go beyond the scope of this article! briefly illustrate the difference between NO sports betting bonus and sports betting bonus). With a betting credit of 100 €, this would only be 10 €.

With sports betting bonus

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That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, and it isn’t. But you have to make sure that you don’t go bankrupt with one sports bet. In combination, you then play a bet with odds of 4.65. With a stake of 10 €, the profit would be 36.50 €. After this sports bet, you would have a betting balance of 90.00 + 46.50 = 136.50 €. The betting turnover would be 10 €. So you are still missing an incredible 1,390 €! The second sports bet is a little more aggressive and we use the winnings of € 36.50 with a combination bet with odds of 5.34. In this case, the stake incl. winnings is € 10. The stake including winnings is therefore € 194.91. However, the bet is lost. Your account balance is €100 again and you have wagered €46.50 / €1,400.

In the next sports bet, you are a bit more cautious again and bet €10 with a larger sports bet at 6.12 odds. You are luckier with this selection and win 61.20 €. Your account balance is then 90.00 + 61.20 = 151.20 € and your turnover is now a huge 56.50 / 1,400 €. With the next sports bet, the risk is increased again and you bet 41.20 € at odds of 2.89. You are lucky again and win. Your winnings amount to € 119.07, so that your account balance is then € 229.07 and your turnover is € 97.70 / 1,400. From this moment on, it becomes a little easier because you have more credit. For example, if you bet €70 and win again, you would have already wagered €170. But now let’s get to the comparison that makes things interesting!

Without sports betting bonus

For the sake of simplicity, we assume the same conditions. You deposit 50 € into your betting account without a sports betting bonus and therefore reduce the stakes by half. For the first sports bet, you have therefore wagered an amount of 5 € at 4.65 and receive 19.25 €. The betting account then has a credit of €64.25. On the next sports bet, you bet and lose €14.25. On the third sports bet, you bet €5 again at odds of 6.12. You receive €30.70 from your sports bet, so that your account balance is now €75.70. Now you place the next bet for a profit of €25.70 at odds of 2.89 and win €74.27. The betting account then has a new balance of €124.27.

The difference to playing with a sports betting bonus

The big difference to playing without a sports betting bonus is that you have more than doubled your betting balance! BUT you don’t have to wager another 1,300 €! That is a lot of money and with sports bets with such betting odds, a loss is inevitable. Incidentally, if you had not used a sports betting bonus, you could now withdraw your stake of €50 and continue to try your luck. The previous sports bets would have been free betting credit, so to speak. As I understand it, you have made a clear negative deal. In this respect, recommendation is to always place sports bets without a sports betting bonus. That way, your money remains more flexible.

Correct sports betting tips

What is actually the secret in the sports betting business? Correct sports betting tips are the be-all and end-all. If you can place your sports bets in such a way that you win more sports bets than you lose, you will be able to make a profit in the long run. But winning more sports bets than losing is so easy to say. In fact, the whole thing is not that easy. Otherwise there would probably be many more professional bettors who would earn their living by betting. But that is not the case.

On the contrary, there are more and more sports betting providers shooting up from the ground and wanting to establish themselves on the market. Although this also means one more sports betting bonus per sports betting provider, it must also mean that the winner is the sports betting provider. Incidentally, we have already established above that it is not that lucrative to fall back on a sports betting bonus.

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Correct sports betting tipsBut let’s get back to the correct sports betting tips. Those who place correct tips on their sports bets usually walk away with a profit. This is also the reason why the internet and the right sports betting tips are booming on various websites. There are a handful of experts or even amateur bettors who not only publish information on sports betting, but rather try to give correct sports betting tips. One succeeds better, the other not quite as well.

In addition, in the sports betting betting games here, you will also find correct sports betting tips for every match of the Bangladesh, usually at least one tip. In the respective articles, give you tips on the respective match and give you detailed reasons for these sports betting tips. But you can have a look at the overview of tips. There you can easily see the current odds of correct sports betting recommendations. Click here for this overview: Sports betting tips odds.

It is important that you know that you are not doing yourself any good with a sports betting bonus. It is more important that you make the right sports betting tips. In addition to the betting games here on the blog, you can find the right sports betting tips at other providers.

Getting rich with the right sports betting tips and a sports betting bonus?

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Can you get rich with the right sports betting tips and a sports betting bonus? Probably not! Correct sports betting tips are very important in order not to go bankrupt. But a sports betting bonus can rather limit your sports betting experience. This is because you are not flexible and have to play a minimum quota or wager your betting credit many times over. This increases the risk of a loss when you use a sports betting bonus.

It is much more likely to make a profit from your money if you forego the use of the sports betting bonus. And this is exactly the recommendation to give you in this article. In addition, you should always keep in mind that you will not achieve long-term success with high stakes and high odds. It is more important not to use the entire betting balance at once and not to always take the full risk. If you stick to these tips, don’t see any problems with you being able to bet successfully in the long run. In any case wish you all the best, whether you forego a sports betting bonus or use the money from the sports betting bonus.