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The best badminton betting bookmaker 2023 – odds and bonus in comparison

Are you interested in badminton betting? Then you have come to the right place on our website. Here you will find everything you need to know about placing the tips on this fringe sport. We have compared the different bookmakers and present you the best badminton betting providers in this test. With these you will not only find the highest betting odds and the most extensive range , but also a fantastic live area for your predictions during the ongoing games.

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The broadcasts of this fast-paced discipline inspire a larger audience every four years at the Olympic Games . In addition to highlights such as the Olympics or World Championships, you can also place your badminton bets on a number of other tournaments. We present these to you on this page as well as the betting markets, live bets and bonus offers. But let’s start with an analysis of the odds first.

badminton betting

Comparison of badminton betting tips

A decisive selection criterion for the choice of the bookmaker are the betting odds. After all, high odds promise big profits . Even small differences in badminton betting tips can have a not inconsiderable influence on the potential winnings. In order to make the selection easier for you, we have checked the odds of the providers in our test and comparison. To do this, we took a close look at the tournaments on the World Tour. In the following table we present you the best badminton betting providers with the most lucrative quotes.

Overall, it is noticeable that the payouts are well beyond the critical 90% threshold . Badminton bets online are therefore not in the spotlight of the bookmakers, but they are quoted at a pleasantly high level. At the top, the values ​​do not quite come close to the tennis betting odds , but are at a very good level, especially at bet365 and 22bet .

Betting offer

As with many of the less prominent sports, badminton betting providers focus on the most important tournaments such as the Olympics and World Championships . You can place your badminton bets on the singles and doubles for men and women. The mixed competition is also part of the program. World championship titles for the teams are awarded in separate competitions. The men play for the Thomas Cup, the women fight for the Uber Cup and mixed national teams compete in the Sudirman Cup.

The different betting markets

After we have taken a look at the various tournaments, we now come to the individual markets for badminton bets. For example, if you are expecting such a large selection as with the tennis betting types , we will have to disappoint you. Especially in the pre-match area, many bookmakers only focus on the winning market, the winner of the first set, over / under total points and a handicap market. In contrast, you will find far more types of bets in live bets . We explain the most important betting markets of badminton betting providers in the following sections.

Parimatch badminton bets at the bookmaker’s office

Parimatch is one of the few bookmakers that provides its clients with badminton betting. These competitions are only superficially familiar to most bettors, but its fans know that this sport has its roots in the past, has a huge history, and has also been included in the Olympic Games for several decades. The bookmaker offers Parimatch bettors to place bets on badminton, while choosing top sports events that attract the attention of true fans.

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Parimatch badminton betting on the official website

The bookmaker provides the following options for Parimatch badminton bets, which are used both in the match and in the set:

  • winnings;
  • handicap;
  • total!

The value of the handicap and total is calculated by the points scored during the game, only the indicators of the games played in full are taken into account. If the match is interrupted for any reason, the bets made on the outcomes of the entire game are refunded.
The popularity of this sport is relatively low, but bettors have the opportunity to get good income at high odds from bookmakers.

To start working with the online portal, the user needs to register, log in to his personal account, and replenish his deposit or parimatch app download for android. The whole procedure does not take the player much time, everything is thought out for the convenience of using the Internet resource. Next, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the list of sports betting events located on the left side of the screen, including Parimatch badminton bets. After clicking on the desired sport, you will see a list of competitions on which you can bet. Next, you need to fill in the window of expected outcomes of the competition and confirm them by clicking on the “Place a bet” button.

Badminton betting in the live sector

If you prefer speed and action in your sports betting, then badminton live bets are definitely something for you. Many games are characterized by surprising twists and turns and thus offer the basis for an exciting real-time experience. The best badminton betting providers on this site offer you live bets from the worldwide tournaments . These even have the advantage that, in contrast to the pre-match offers, you have a higher number of betting markets available.

“Who will get 10 points first?”, “Who will win the 25th point?” or “Does the first sentence go into overtime?” are just a few examples of the interesting betting options. For some tournaments, providers such as bet365 even offer you moving pictures. Thanks to these live streams, you are always well informed about what’s going on in the game .

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Bonus promotions from badminton betting providers

In many of the popular disciplines such as football, tennis or basketball, the online betting badminton providers usually outperform each other with attractive bonus offers. You can expect increased odds or cashback promotions for the top games. On the other hand, badminton betting online is more of a shadowy existence than a smaller fringe sport . Special promotions can therefore hardly be found.

However, you have the option of using the providers’ combined bonus for this sport as well. You will receive a percentage profit premium on your battery bet. The more games you combine with each other, the higher this bonus will be.

Of course you can of course also use the general welcome offers of the betting providers for your badminton sports betting. As a new customer, you usually receive a € 100 bonus or a free bet if your first bet is lost.

Badminton betting tips strategy

badminton beting tips

In contrast to football, for example, it is much more difficult to get important information about the players and tournaments. However, it is accordingly not easy for bookmakers to collect all the data and facts that they need. As it is well known that betting from the gut is not a profitable badminton betting tips strategy, it is important to do some research despite the difficult information situation.

Use statistics, forums, tournament reports and the world rankings to inform you about the strengths and weaknesses of the players . Often the duels to date also allow important conclusions to be drawn. Is it a favorite or a fearful opponent? What is the current shape? Are the players 100% fit or are they just coming from an injury break? If you can then convert the information you have gained into the right tip, you have a good example of a successful badminton betting strategy.

Things to know about badminton

Cave drawings show that similar games were known to today’s sport more than 2000 years ago. At that time, however, people still played with flattened pieces of wood and wooden balls filled with chicken feathers . In Germany, the first badminton sports club was founded on the European mainland in 1902, but other nations are among the strongholds of this sport. The return game enjoys great popularity in England and Denmark as well as in many Asian nations such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia. We have compiled three interesting anecdotes for you from the long history of this discipline.

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If you have any questions about badminton betting , suggestions, praise or criticism, please send us an email.

🥇 Who is the best badminton betting company?

In addition to a comprehensive range of bets with varied markets and high odds, a top bookmaker should also be characterized by attractive bonus promotions. In the best badminton betting provider ranking you will find the betting portals that received the highest ratings for these points in our test.

🧐 What are the badminton odds of the best betting portals?

The badminton odds cannot quite keep up with the payouts of the most popular sports such as football or tennis. On the positive side, however, we can say that the level of the betting odds of the top bookmakers is well above the 90% threshold.

✅ Is it possible to bet live badminton?

As with many other sports, tips are also possible during the games that have already started. As a rule, you will find even more betting markets with live badminton bets than with pre-match sports betting.

🤑 Is there a badminton betting bonus?

Special badminton betting bonus promotions are not easy to find. This is primarily due to the fact that this sport is not as much the focus as, for example, football or basketball. Nevertheless, you don’t have to do without promotions and you can also use the general welcome offers for your tips on badminton.