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The best Dota 2 betting strategies: the secrets of the game

In this article, we will tell you about dota 2 betting and strategies on Dota 2: what to look for, how to analyze information and look for promising bets. Dota 2, or simply “”Dota””, is a computer game in the MOBA genremultiplayer online battle arena developed by Valve. In 2011, Dota 2 made a splash in the esports market with the first tournament in The International, in which $ 1.6 million was awarded. In 2021, the prize fund of the 10th anniversary tournament reaches $ 40 million. And now more and more bookmakers offer bets on Dota 2 matches.

Features of betting on Dota 2

In competitive Dota, the same location is used, and the essence of the game is to destroy the opponent’s main fortress (throne), which is located on the opposite side of the map. You can reach the enemy throne along three lines: top, center and bottom.

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For the forces of Light (radiant), the bottom lane is considered light, since the creeps uncontrollable creatures are found closer to the defensive tower. Accordingly, for the forces of Darkness (dire), the same line will be difficult, since their nearest tower is far away. The top line, on the other hand, is easier for Darkness and more difficult for Light. The center line is the shortest, so heroes on it get experience and gold before the others. It is for these resources that teams fight to gain an advantage in the game.

Dota 2 is played by team for team, each with five people. Each player controls the actions of a specific character on the map.

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Match format

There are several formats for official matches, below we have listed the main ones:

  • Best-of-1. In the gaming community, it is called “”roulette””, since the game to one victory does not always reflect the real strength of the teams.
  • Best-of-2. The only format in which a draw is possible. Two cards are always played if one of the sides has not withdrawn from the match or tournament.
  • Best-of-3. The most popular format that is often used during the playoffs. The game continues until two wins.
  • Best-of-5. The most objective, but at the same time exhausting format. A streak of up to three wins is usually applied on the last day of the Grand Final competition. On average, each map lasts 30-40 minutes, so if the game is even, such a match can take 3-4 hours.

Differences in the rules for calculating bets

Bettors may experience difficulties due to different interpretations of the results when calculating the bet. For example, if you bet that the first map in Dota 2 will last no more than 35 minutes, and according to the game timer it ends at 34:01, then some bookmakers may count the loss, since, according to the rules of a particular Parimatch betting, this bet is not took into account the 35th minute.

In order not to get into such a situation, carefully study the rules of the bookmaker’s office in the “”Esports Betting”” section. Let’s compare two offices leading in the Legalbet esports rating : 1xBet and 888sport . In “”1xBet””, a bet on the total over 36.5 minutes will be winning if the time on the timer shows 36:31 or more. And the same bet in GGBet will be winning when the timer starts counting down the 37th minute, that is, from 36:01. At the same time, the loss of the bet will be calculated in both offices at the end of the game at exactly 36:00.

Dota 2 match stages

Dota 2 is played in 4 stages:

  1. Draft. Both teams choose five characters. Draft involves two actions on each side: spadeschoosing a hero for the game and bansprohibiting the selection of a hero for the opposing team …
  2. Lining. The basic stage of each game, in which players on both sides choose a lane that is comfortable for themselves: top, bottom or center. The classic arrangement of heroes: 2-1-2, where one player from each team goes to the center and two to the sidelines. But sometimes there may be triple sidelines or double middletwo heroes in the center …
  3. Mid-game. By the 15th minute or a little earlier, the teams begin to make the first strategic moves at the macro level. For example, the seizure of someone else’s territory or the demolition of the opponent’s defensive towers.
  4. Leith game. The final stage of the game, after about half an hour of the game. By this time, all the heroes on the map have already reached their peak form, and the teams’ strategies have become global.

How to bet on Dota 2

The teamwork of the Dota 2 roster largely determines the outcome of the meeting. This must be taken into account when dota 2 item betting before the start of the game. We will tell you exactly what to focus on in the next section.

Prematch dota bets

If you bet before the start of the match, then first of all pay attention to the joint experience of the players. If the team has not played with the current lineup and the month, the players will have communication problems. One should expect inconsistency in actions and a retarded “collective reaction”. The optimal time to play is 3-6 months.

Even replacing one in five players can negatively affect the form of the entire team, although this loss can be compensated. In Dota at the highest level, communication plays an important role, since it is difficult to make a joint decision under pressure. This is just bad teamwork.

Chinese advantage

Chinese organizations are less susceptible to recessions due to substitutions than others. They treat esports professionally, and the coach often has more authority than the players. Contract infringement scandals are extremely rare, as a rule, the players put the club above all else.

On the contrary, in other regions, teams sometimes fall apart amid domestic disagreements between players. Case in point: ex-FlyToMoon, which was signed by Natus Vincere. Shortly before the start of the second and defining major of the DPC season in 2021, the team decided to make replacements and got rid of the offlane General, which subsequently erupted into a scandal. The team flew past WePlay Kiev Major 2021, and only two players remained from the previous roster.

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Live dota betting is the preferred option

An unexpected choice of heroes can significantly affect the balance of power. Many top teams are experimenting even at significant tournaments, and it is almost impossible to predict the picks.

There are several reasons for this:

  • “”Mind Games”” . In an attempt to outsmart their rivals, strong teams often outsmart themselves. By choosing a non-standard pair of heroes at the start, the favorites thereby drive themselves into a trap.
  • Hidden strategies. When preparing for big tournaments, teams are saving up potentially winning pieces. But due to excessive secrecy, it is not always possible to test such strategies in real combat – there is a risk that in practice something will go wrong.
  • Opportunity reassessment. Opponents do not hesitate to adopt successful strategies from each other, which is why the so-called META is formed right at the tournaments most effective tactics available … Teams usually prohibit the opponent from choosing “”met”” heroes with a high winratepercent cage of wins … But there is also the opposite scenario: overconfident captains like to go against the “”meta””, which increases the risk of losing.

Using untested strategies or deliberately playing with a weak pick should be a wake-up call when dota 2 bets live. In this case, either bet on the victory of the outsiders if the bookmakers give high odds, or refrain from dota 2 bet altogether.

Dota competitions and tournaments:

Dota 2 competitions are very prominent and popular games with the largest prize pools and large audience numbers around the world. Games can be viewed in the Dota client itself, in spectator mode. Valve even rewards the other players and viewers for watching certain pro games with in-game material.

The biggest competition in Dota 2 is the international championship, hosted by Valve itself. The 2015 prize pool was more than 18 million US dollars. In order to achieve such an unbelievable amount, Valve sells a large number of portfolios of in-game articles (for example changing hero representations that do not influence the game), so-called “Compendiums”.

These compendiums can be purchased at different prices and each player’s personal compendium can be leveled up (one way to do this is to spend more money, for example) to unlock more content.

The more Compendiums sold worldwide, the more content Valve makes available to all Compendium owners, regardless of their level. The whole thing is based on a system that is reminiscent of Kickstarter rewards. 25% of all sales go to the prize pool. There are also other competitions with significantly different prize pools, participants, skill levels, etc. For comprehensive information on competitions, “” is always a great source.

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The types of bets that people make are bets on who will win a particular game, a future bet on the winner of a competition, a bet on how far a team will go in a competition, etc. Websites that allow betting on eSports include Pinnacle Sports and bet365. We ourselves are also fans of Betway eSports, which offers bets on various games, and also various Dota 2 games. You can find a complete overview of the providers on our bookmaker page.

Some sites, such as Vulcun, allow fantasy esports betting. Similar to fantasy leagues for sports, fantasy esports bets are based on the betting participants who compile a list of players for their own team. The performance of this player then decides whether you win money or not. There are points for kills and assists and deducted points for deaths. There is more information and FAQ’s on Vulcun’s scoring page.

Wagering on Dota 2 for real money?

Probably the most interesting thing about Dota 2 is the ability for viewers to bet on the outcome of a game. Players can bet with 3 things:

  • Real money
  • Play money
  • In-game items

Bet with real money on Dota 2:

Most readers who are also familiar with betting outside of eSports should be familiar with the first two. Play money and real money bets are mostly offered by the same sites. Mostly where play money is the substitute to be able to play in countries like the USA, because betting is illegal there. Or as an aid to deal with the idea of ​​betting and to get a feel for the odds and your own assessment. You can find out how the odds work and other tips from the professional betting on our tips and tricks page.

Bet with in-game items on Dota 2:

The ways to bet on Dota 2 differ only from the usual betting norm in that you can bet on the outcome of high-profile games with in-game items. If you use Valve’s Steam Client (which is not really linked to betting, but allows third party tools), you can connect as a player to to sell your in-game items yourself. The in-game items have a real, monetary value and their sale leads to sustainability for Dota 2.

The objects are incorporated according to their value. Participants in the bets look at the odds for each bet and how many items of a certain value they have to bet and the items they will get if they win the bet. Players select the item they want to place and send it to the so-called trading accounts, which are operated from the pages via Steam platforms. Then they get the appropriate rewards, as well as the items used, when the game is over. (Or they lose and get nothing)

A potential problem for people who don’t actually play Dota 2 is that it can be difficult to find the right place to sell items for real money. Items can be sold in the Steam Marketplace, but this money can only be reused in the Steam Service. One site that gives bettors a chance to sell the items is, but it’s hard to say how reliable the site really is. There are some sites like that use forums to monitor buying and selling offers, as well as discussions about the reputation of a buyer or seller, but the sites cannot guarantee security.

Get your own advantage with Dota 2 bets

To make money betting, you need an understanding of the game and the best players. Both types of knowledge can be acquired by looking at the aforementioned Dota 2 Championships, in which the best players in the world compete. Each broadcast with a commentator gives you information that no one else could give, as the moderators have more knowledge about the sport than anyone else.

By the way, you can follow current games live here and on Twitch: Dota 2 live streams games-dota2-live streams-betting

There are also qualifications for the competitions which are good to watch to see second tier players so you can learn more. The page for statistics on each game is Here, for example, are statistics about one round of a wild-card game for the 2015 Championships. Important statistics in Dota2 are the following:

  • Kills (K)
  • Death (D)
  • Assists (A)
  • Last Hits (LH)
  • Gold Per Minute (GPM)
  • Experience Per Minute (XPM)

Note the role and hero each character played when looking at the stats. A person who plays a carry should have many LH’s compared to the rest of the team, while someone who plays a support often has fewer.

Strategies and favorite characters of the players

There are more than 110 heroes in Dota, but in the history of this discipline there are no pro players who could play equally well for each character. The exception was The International 2016 champions from Wings Gaming. In just two final days of the tournament, they played 26 different heroes out of 30 possible – in the final of the upper bracket against Evil Geniuses (2: 0) and in the grand final against Digital Chaos (3: 1).

The hero profile is a prerequisite for the emergence of certain roles in the team, which we will discuss in detail below.

By considering all the above information, you can understand the importance of Dota 2 Betting with Parimatch betting.

All player statistics can be found in the profiles on specialized sites such as dotabuff.

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