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Football betting in a bookmaker’s office: features and strategies

Perhaps no one doubts that football is the most popular sport. Naturally, bookmakers pay more attention to this sport – the football line is traditionally more voluminous than the lines in other sports, in addition, it is distinguished by a more impressive line-up, most often it has a lower margin and significantly higher bet limits. What you need to know if you want to bet on football? How to bet on football matches online? We tell only the most important things.

The popularity of football betting tips, of course, has led to all sorts of “”lessons”” in the art of betting: all sorts of advice and predictions can be found all over the Internet. It should be borne in mind that these lessons are of varying degrees of suitability, as well as the level of specialists who are trying to bring their knowledge to the masses.

The line of betting tips football includes many options: bets on the outcome (victory of one of the teams or a draw), on the number of goals (from 0-0 to “”hockey”” results), on various handicaps, on the exact score, on the number of corners, yellow ice skating, fouls, shots on goal, substitutions, bets on goalscorers, on the outcomes of the first and second halves, etc. Football betting tips today is popular all over the world in Parimatch, and a good bookmaker offers more than 100 betting options for each match of a typical football championship. There are not many options for players for matches of more modest leagues, but all the most popular ones will definitely be presented in the line.

Advantages of Football betting

High betting limits. Given that football is the most popular sport, the soccer line traditionally has the highest free betting tips football limits. Large offices give up to $ 10,000 – $ 50,000 for one match. It is often allowed to bet more even on the painting of important fights than on the main outcomes of competitions in other sports.

Low margin. In conditions of tough competition, bookmakers are forced to overestimate the odds on football to the utmost in order to somehow stand out from the background of other offices. So, in many bookmakers quotes for football are 5-6 points higher than, for example, hockey and volleyball.

Wide list. Whatever bookmaker we are talking about, its football line will certainly be larger than the size of the rest of the sections, and often combined. On the most important events, such as world championships, European championships or the Champions League, the list of one match can occupy two or three pages of the line, and in the list of offered types of bets you can find the most diverse and unexpected offers, up to a bet on which team will throw in the first out.

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A large number of television broadcasts. Among other things, football is also the most broadcasted sport in the world, and therefore you will always have the opportunity to watch your bet play on TV. This opens up a great live experience that qualified players will surely appreciate. The strategy of free football betting tips in live is not much different from strategies in other sports: here you also
need to have excellent knowledge, carefully monitor the broadcast of the match, notice any changes in the course of the game and promptly respond to them with a timely bet or cancellation of an option that seemed to be successful initially …

The advantage of team sports. Due to the fact that football is a team sport, various unpleasant surprises in the form of poor health of an athlete or someone’s weak form do not affect the final result as clearly as it happens, for example, in tennis. That is why many experts consider football bets to be much less risky than bets on the same tennis, where if one of the players does not feel well, you can instantly lose all your bet without any struggle.

Disadvantages of Football betting

A small number of so-called “”values”” (overestimated coefficients). Due to the increased popularity of online football betting tips, bookmaker Betwiner analysts pay special attention to the setting of odds. After the morning line is released, the offices begin to constantly look at each other, regularly adjusting the quotes, and this leads to the fact that you will rarely see overestimated odds in football – except at third-rate tournaments, the upper limit of bets on which will be indecently small.

Prompt response to changes in pre-match layouts. This drawback occurs for the same reason that there are few value-added players in the football line. The fact is that bookmakers react extremely quickly to any changes in pre-match layouts, including “undercover” games, unexpected illnesses, injuries, etc. Moreover, the bookmaker’s notification system is so powerful and multilevel that even deep insiders sometimes find it difficult to have time to place a bet before adjusting the line.

The main types of bets on football

Outcome betting. This includes all the results of regular time of the match: wins by each of the teams and a draw. The highest odds and the lowest margin are most often offered on the main selections. It is on them that the largest number of bets are made. And if with the bets on the winner of the match everything is more or less clear, then on the outcome of a draw, explanations may be required. So, the strategy of betting on a draw in football is significantly different from other sports. If, for example, in hockey or basketball, draws are quite rare, then in football they are different, therefore such an outcome attracts more attention of the players of bookmakers.


You can also bet that there will be no draw in the match, but either team wins. This type of betting is the answer to the question of many novice bettors about what 12 means in football betting. We answer: a bet of 12 means the victory of either the first or the second team and excludes a draw. That is, it is a bet that there will be no draw in the match.

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There is another type of bet on the outcome of a football match: it is not very common in bookmakers, but it can occur. Strong-willed victory in football: what does it mean? This is a bet on the victory of a team that has been losing during a certain segment of the match, but in the end has achieved victory.

Handicap. A handicap is a necessary advantage or an acceptable lag of one of the teams in the final score of the match. That is, a certain difference in goals scored with which the fight will end. The handicap can be positive (for example, +1.5) and negative (-1.5). In the first case, it is necessary that the team on whose handicap you bet does not lose by more than one and a half balls (i.e. even its defeat by 1 ball will suit you perfectly). In the second case, the team must win by at least 2 goals. In fact, when football betting tips free on a handicap, you add (or subtract) the value of the handicap to the initial score of the match (0-0), and to win the bet, it is necessary that the final score, taking into account the handicap, does not go into negative territory.

The handicap value can be presented not only as a decimal fraction (+ 1.5 / -1.5), but also as an integer. For example, what is handicap 1 in football (or handicap +1)? Like any other positive handicap, it also implies the team’s allowable lag in the score. The difference from the handicap +1.5 here is that such a bet can be calculated as a refund. Let’s say the match ended 0-1, and you bet with a handicap of +1 on the loser, that is, after adding, we get the score 1-1. This means that in this case the money delivered is returned.

Total. What is total in soccer betting? This is the total number of goals scored in the match. The bookmaker indicates the value of the total, and you can bet on more or less in relation to this value. For example, if you bet less than 3.5 on the total, you should be worried that the combined efforts of the teams do not score more than 3 goals.

Accurate account. As it is not difficult to guess from the name, betting on the exact score, you are trying to guess the outcome of the match with an accuracy of a goal. It is very difficult to do this, and therefore the coefficients for the exact score are very high.

Other offers. Depending on the bookmaker’s office, the size of the rest of the line can include two or three positions or several hundred original offers. You may be asked to guess the outcomes of the halves, whether only one team will score in the match or both will score (OZ), the number of yellow and red cards, substitutions, fouls and offside positions, who will be the first to throw the ball from the center of the field and throw out, the author of the first goal and many many other funny positions.

Features of the Parimatch application for Android

Parimatch app download allows all users to enjoy sports betting wherever there is internet. The functionality of the program is the same as on the main site, so the player can use all the possibilities: place bets, view statistics, gamble, receive bonuses, withdraw winnings, and so on.

Pre-match analytics: what to look for when choosing a bet

There is no single correct answer to the questions of how to bet correctly on football and how to predict the outcome of a football match. However, it will greatly facilitate the task of collecting all the necessary information before the match. Pre-match analysis and analysis of football matches is much simpler than a match in tennis or in single sports, but this does not mean that it can be treated superficially. It doesn’t matter what sport you want to bet on – pre-match analytics should be an integral part of any of your predictions. It’s time to figure out what you should pay special attention to before your first bet on football. So how to properly analyze best football betting tips matches?

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The current form of the opponents. As with any sport, the teams’ current form should be the key factor influencing your bet. In order to correctly assess the form of the team, it is best to watch the last few matches with its participation. If you do not have this opportunity, try referring to numbers. Pay attention to the team’s recent home games if they are home, or previous away games if they are away. Estimate the similar indicators of the opponent. Watch the last three or four matches of each team, read official interviews with representatives of coaching staffs and leading footballers.

The history of face-to-face confrontations. Naturally, the concept of “”inconvenient opponent”” for football has not been canceled, which means that you should certainly familiarize yourself with this information. It often happens that after studying the history of confrontations, the view on a certain match changes exactly the opposite. Pay special attention to face-to-face team meetings at home and away.

Standing position and motivation. Motivation in sports has always been the engine of the result, and football is no exception. This is especially true for the Eastern European championships, where teams that have solved their problems have a habit of giving points to opponents experiencing tournament problems.

List of injured and disqualified. The main difference between football matches and matches in single sports is the need for a pre-match analysis of the teams’ lineups, or rather, the losses suffered by these teams: injuries, disqualifications, illnesses – all this should be taken into account in your forecast.

Match referee. Despite the apparent inferiority of this factor, it would be foolish to neglect the analysis of the referee’s style of refereeing. It is important to compare the teams’ style of play (rough or clean) with the referee’s style of refereeing (hard or loyal). It often happens that some teams find it very difficult to play games that take place under the strict supervision of certain referees. It’s no secret that there are playing teams, and there are teams that prefer to defend themselves. At the same time, there are referees who give fouls for a minimal touch, and there are referees for whom fighting on the field is quite normal. That is why, when making a bet, you must take into account the specifics of judging a particular referee.

The forecasters of our site try to take into account all of the above factors, together with personal experience: they are not always right, however, the reasoning and knowledge of these specialists can help in choosing bets on football.

What should be considered when betting on football?

King football has not only dominated international active and passive sports for years, but is of course also extremely interesting for the betting industry. For the inclined bettor, it is important not to lose track of all the flood of information and to filter the perfect statistics for your football bets.

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Of course, this also depends on which types of bets you want to play. Incidentally, it is also worth taking a look at our betting school, where you can find all the common betting options and tricks that can be interesting and profitable. We’ll provide you with all the important information and strategies there.

Here are some interesting tips on how to bet successfully:


Get as much information as possible
It doesn’t do much to just place risky bets and hope for one big win. Combination bets can often serve as a daunting example here. The quota here is often more than attractive, but the risk can only be minimized with great difficulty. Before you place a bet, you should find out more about the markets offered by your favorite bookmaker in order to be able to choose the right mix and turn your bets into a nice extra income.

Betting tips for the European Championship and World Cup

Of course, our editorial team thoroughly researches and makes available all games of major events such as world and European championships, which of course exert a special attraction on betting fans from all over the world. This can apply equally to games and bets in the Champions League and Europa League.

In the case of the premier class, our experts will provide you with information on all encounters from the group stage. Our offer is topped off by selected top duels from smaller countries and leagues and, in the case of an international break, with matches from the top nations, so that all in all you can always have a bulging betting slip.

Our tip forecasts – current, well-founded, lucrative

What are our tip recommendations made up of? A question that still needs to be clarified in any case. Most of our analyzes start with one or the other version of the current table situation of the teams that are dealt with in our forecasts.

On the basis of this, it can be filtered relatively quickly and easily whether there is a lot at stake for a team in a match or whether it is more about the famous “golden pineapple”. Then it is time to show the statistics that are most important for you, as well as blatant strengths or weaknesses of the respective teams, of course.

Betting relevant statistics

We also deal with individual personal details that determine the success or failure of a team. So be it home and away balances, hit rates, play advantages and problems or injuries to key players – our experts filter the statistics and values ​​that are most important to you and prepare them in the form of a clear analysis. True to the motto: “The best comes at the end”, we provide an exclusive recommendation with our tips on Champions League & Co, which you can find in the header of our analysis, along with the corresponding quota.

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