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What are Virtual Sports Betting and Virtual Sports?

As we all know, the Internet allows us to place our sports bets around the clock. But what do we do when our fingers are itching to bet, but no bookmaker has any interesting sports for us in their betting offer? What do we bet on holidays or match-free periods such as the winter break of the Bundesliga?

virtual sport

There’s a simple answer to this question: virtual sports betting at www parimatch. What exactly is hidden behind these special bets, what you can bet on, which betting providers still have them at all and which special features you absolutely have to pay attention to with these bets, we have clearly prepared for you.

Esports betting is a legacy of the era in which computer games became a sport. Few people are satisfied with the classic network game, players prefer to compete with colleagues in the craft.

What is this type of bets?

Cybersport is a team or individual competition. Competitions are held in computer simulators, shooters, fighting games, etc.

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For the first time such tournaments were held in 1995. The first country where computer games were singled out as a separate sport, although the decision was later revised. Competitions became more and more, and at the same time the number of teams and the amount of rewards to players grew. The market for virtual betting on e-sports events also developed.

In the past, a team or player could freely participate in tournaments, but now, to participate in international competitions, you cannot do without a national selection. The volume of bets on e-sports is greater than on volleyball or tennis, and is already approaching football in terms of popularity and the number of bets.

Popular sports tournaments

Let’s note several popular leagues in the world of esports:

  • ESWC: Electronic Sports World Cup. This competition dates back to 2003 and is more often held in Paris.
  • Intel Extreme Masters. It was created by the reputable organization ESL – Electronic Sports League, which is headquartered in Cologne. This cup is considered to be one of the most innovative market movements. ESL introduces new disciplines that are gaining popularity and eliminates obsolete ones.
  • The International. The largest Dota 2 competition. The tournament is both a vivid presentation of the game and a major event in the esports arena.
  • League of Legends. A tournament in which competitions are held as part of the popular game of the same name. One of the most massive events in esports, for which the Imagine Dragons band created the song Warriors.
  • Major Tournament Series (CS:GO). The tournament is a series of Counter-Strike leagues. Their main sponsor and creator is Valve.

Another tournament is WCG: World Cyber Games, which originated in 2000 and was considered the most massive esports competition. The competition was attended by players from all over the planet, therefore the tournament was called “”cyberolympiad””. The introduction of its own anthem and the original opening ceremony added color to the competition. Now the tournament is closed, but still remains memorable and significant for esports.

The main types of esports betting

Let’s take a look at the main types of bets that can be made in esports:

  • outright (long-term rates). The peculiarity of the bet is that the quotes for the victory of favorites are much lower than in traditional sports;
  • live bets. Bets made directly at the time of the tournament event;
  • the outcome of the event. There are also many similarities with the usual types of bets here. As a rule, the bet is placed on W1, W2, X;
  • handicap bet. It can be positive and negative. If in an e-sports competition one of the participants or teams has a clear advantage, then you can make a bet with a more favorable odds on the handicap – plus for the outsider and minus for the favorite;
  • total bets. Depends on the specific type of discipline. The odds in this case are also quite high, but this type of bet is recommended to be made at the beginning of the competition.

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CS: GO betting

CS: GO is a team shooter where a 5×5 confrontation takes place. Each of the competitions involves cards that are determined before the start of the tournament. Players love different cards, which demonstrate different levels of play, which is similar to tennis – in this sport, some participants demonstrate outstanding play on the ground, others on the grass, and others on the surface. Depending on the characteristics of the players, the bettor draws conclusions about the appropriateness of a particular bet.

The game cycle includes two periods – in the first 15 rounds, and the second – up to 16 team wins. In the event of a tie, additional periods are assigned. Let’s take a look at the types of bets traditionally used by esports virtual bet fans:

  • outcome of events. The most popular bet in CS: GO, and sometimes the only one – this often happens in Live mode, depending on the scale of the event. A special case of betting on the outcome is a victory on one card or in a round. Below are the outcomes for the outcome of the meeting and for the results in the second map;
  • total. In this discipline, the number of cards is counted. Their maximum number is 5, so TB and TM are also found in CS: GO;
  • total by the number of rounds. The number of rounds within one card is counted;
  • handicap in rounds. A handicap bet is made for the whole game or for a single card;
  • total odd-even. The indicator of the number of rounds is taken into account.

DOTA 2 Betting

Dota 2 is a 5×5 team game. At the same time, the map does not change during the competition. The final goal of the game is to destroy the enemy’s throne. Betting on the outcome, total, odds are placed here as in CS: GO. Dota 2 Betting:

  • total for frags (corpses);
  • one of the teams will
  • win at least one map (here bookmakers often underestimate underdogs, and you can find attractive odds);
  • the duration of the map in time. This rate is not always available in the list, but if it is available, you can also catch a high coefficient;
  • who will be the first to destroy the tower. It is necessary to predict which team will be able to do this. The rate is difficult to predict in advance;
  • who will kill Roshan (monster) first. This rate is also essentially random;
  • first blood. Which of the participating teams will manage to complete the first frag;
  • even / odd number of frags.

Tips for beginners

To begin with, the bettor is advised to choose a suitable bookmaker with a low margin. It is necessary that the bookmaker does not limit the actions of the winning bettors. The player should collect information about the player and concentrate on one market or tournament. You should not bet on several games at the same time, so as not to drain the bank.

League of Legends money

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This game is not that popular, but it is worthy of attention. The people are called abbreviated – “”LoL””. The first League of Legends competitions date back to 2010, and since 2013, the World Championship has been regularly held.

Most of the betting options are Live . In addition to traditional types of virtual sports betting, there is a bet on the MVP – the best player in a particular match or tournament.

World of Tanks (WoT)

The game is popular among gamers, although the same cannot be said for bettors. In the WoT list, bookmakers allocate the time it will take for the team to win and the number of frags. The last total for the full game or for the performance of individual players. When placing bets on WoT, take into account both the general rules of the game and the tactical and strategic features of the conduct of the battle of each player or team.


Cybersport is one of the most important areas of modern betting. In esports betting, one cannot do without a high-quality development of a personal betting strategy. Acting in accordance with the rules of betting and knowing the chosen type of eSports, the player will have a much better chance of making money from the distance.

Explanation, tips & the best betting providers

With virtual sports betting, you place bets on a sports event that is not taking place at all. It sounds confusing at first, but it’s actually quite simple. The software of the bookmaker simulates a fictitious game including the course of the game, a dog race or horse race, on which the betting provider provides you with odds for betting.

This software also provides animated game scenes, so that you can watch your bets live at the bookmaker. However, this does not take as long as in reality, so you do not have to plan 90 minutes for virtual sports betting on a soccer match to experience the outcome of your bet. Instead, you will only be shown scenes that are decisive for the game, so that the virtual encounter will be over within a few minutes, a final result will be determined and your bet will be settled.

If you are now afraid that the bookmaker would simply determine the result in your favor, and the customer would lose his bets in any case, rest assured: the software acts like a random generator that is oriented towards the betting odds. In our test report on virtual betting, for example, we found that we won tips on betting odds of 1.50 on virtual sports about as often as on sports in reality. The betting provider is therefore no more at an advantage than usual.

Which betting providers have virtual betting?

The change in sports betting licenses in Bangladesh has led many bookies to abandon virtual betting types from now on. Previously, Netbet, Megapari, 22Bet, Funbet and most other sports betting providers had virtual betting options on horse racing, dog racing betting or soccer. In the meantime, they are only available in a few betting offers.

Even though the selection is no longer huge, some betting providers still offer odds on virtual matches. However, these are not to be found in the usual sports betting section, but are usually found via a button called “Virtual Sports” or simply “Virtuals”. At betting provider William Hill it is called “Virtual World”.

If you particularly value the appearance and have no experience in the field of virtual sports betting, we recommend mybet as a bookmaker for virtual betting. William Hill is another bookmaker that offers virtual betting. 22bet is also a well-positioned bookie here, and is the only one of the aforementioned betting providers that also has other sports like virtual basketball betting on offer, in addition to racing and virtual football. You don’t live in Germany? Then Bahigo is a place to go for Virtual Sports betting.

Virtual Sports: Betting on Football and more

Which virtual sports offer odds depends entirely on the betting provider you choose. In our opinion, the best three providers for virtual sports betting, which our overview shows you, include betting odds on the sports soccer, tennis, horse and greyhound racing.

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Among the betting markets available to you, soccer is the most popular:

What virtual soccer bets are available?

  • 1X2 bets
  • Double Chance
  • Over/Under betting
  • Exact final result betting
  • Handicap betting/Asian Handicap
  • Both Teams Score Yes/No

Important: In Virtual Football only bets on individual matches are possible. Special bets on champions or relegated teams are not possible. Although virtual betting often includes a “league” with match days and table, this is only intended to provide an orientation to favorites, etc. By the way, the teams do not bear the names of the real teams. Either countries are lined up against each other, as in the World Cup, or the names are slightly alienated. The PSV Peasants compete against the Manchester Blues in this way.

Virtual Sports: Betting Tips & Strategy

There is no promising strategy for virtual sports betting, and we want to pull this tooth out of your mouth right at the beginning of this chapter. Whereas in real sports it is often possible to make reliable statements about the form, favorites and underdogs in a duel between two teams, this is not the case in virtual sports.

Although betting providers provide you with statistics on the teams and participants in virtual sports, the random factor in simulations makes it almost impossible to make reliable statements about the next pairing based on past matches. This is particularly evident, for example, in the odds on virtual soccer matches, where the differences between home and away wins are often only marginal.

However, since the random number generator is based on the probabilities displayed by the betting odds, in our experience it is advisable to bet on favorites in the race or match. As with horse or dog racing bets in reality, we also recommend preferring the betting odds on “Place” to the betting type “Winner”.

Can I get a virtual betting bonus?

virtual sport

We have not noticed any bookmakers offering bonuses specifically for betting on virtual sports. On the contrary, it may even be that a conventional betting bonus cannot be cleared with virtual bets, but real sports must be taken. You should always read the bonus conditions of your betting provider carefully. At Mybet, 22bet and William Hill, we did not find any information that would exclude virtual sports betting from the new customer bonus.

Should more bookies have virtual sports in their betting offer, new customers should take a close look at the conditions for the bonus on the first deposit before they bet. At bookmaker unibet, for example, it was always the case that virtual sports only counted for 25 percent of the turnover of the new customer bonus.

Conclusion for Virtual Sports Betting

A short game duration and thus a quick evaluation of the bet – if you are in the mood for a quick kick, then virtual sports betting is exactly your thing! In addition, the betting odds on virtual games and races are offered around the clock, so there is no need to wait for the whistle or starting signal.

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However, our test report also showed that with the conventional types of bets, for example on soccer, the chances of winning are significantly better. Especially if you are a new customer with little experience, be careful with Virtual Sports betting. You like the digital Parimatch app, but simulations are not your thing? No problem: Then LoL betting is for you!