The subtleties of sports betting

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If we compare sports in terms of popularity, the main rival of soccer is tennis betting. All other sports are far behind. This is confirmed by the research conducted by betting companies. The second largest betting Parimatch sport is tennis. Moreover, the popularity of this sport among bettors peaked at the time of the appearance and active promotion of live betting.

In recent years we can observe the emergence of a large number of young tennis bets players, who are desperately fighting for a higher ranking. This has led to the emergence of a large number of tournaments of different categories, which, accordingly, has affected the number of matches offered in the line of bookmaker’s offices Parimatch.

And today we will talk about betting on this popular sport. We will try to prove that tennis is one of the most profitable sports for betting today, we will tell about the types and strategies of betting tennis, we will touch on table tennis.

Types of tennis bets

In terms of offers from bookmakers, tennis has a standard set of bets:

  • Bets on the outcome (P1, P2).
  • Tennis bets on a forum/handicap.
  • Bets on total.
  • Additional bets.
  • Special bets.

Outcome Bets

The absence of a draw makes tennis one of the most popular sports for betting on Parimatch. Recall that in this sport discipline, the game goes on until one of the opponents wins. The absence of a draw plays into the hands of bettors, as it is necessary to predict the outcome of the match, proceeding from two options – the victory of one athlete or the victory of the other.

Taking into account that nowadays it is possible to find the history of confrontations between sportsmen on the web, and also to get an idea about their current form according to their previous matches, even a beginner can predict the results of tennis matches. That’s why this type of tennis betting is very popular among bettors.

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Betting on handicap/forfeit

Not so often bookmakers Parimatch quote the opponents on an equal line. More often than not, one of the opponents is superior to his opponent in skill. Therefore, to level the tennis players’ chances, bookmakers Parimatch offer bettors handicap bets. Under the tennis handicap refers to the victory of one of the athletes with the difference of a certain number of games. Note that depending on the tournament rating, the number of sets in a match required to determine the winners may differ. And this is an important factor that should be taken into account for betting on the handicap and total of a tennis match.

  • So, in women’s tennis the match lasts no more than three sets. The winner is the athlete who was able to beat her opponent in two sets. At Grand Slam tournaments women play a deciding set to the difference of two games. The only exception is the US Open, where in the deciding set at the score of 6:6 they play a tie-break.

Men’s tennis bets differs in regulations. Regular tournaments are played in a three-set format. But the men’s Grand Slam tournaments are played in a five-set format. That means that the winner of the match will be the athlete who wins three sets. Moreover, the decisive fifth set at all Grand Slam tournaments, except for the US Open, is played to the difference of two games.

Depending on the format of the tournament bookmakers can set different handicaps, which, to some extent, can be good for bettors. Betting on handicaps is as popular as on the outcome.

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Betting on total

Above, we mentioned the different formats of tennis matches, which affect the numbers of forwards and totals offered by bookmakers for betting. With its popularity this type is not inferior to the previous ones, because in tennis athletes need to act actively throughout the match – to protect their serve and try to win points on the opponent’s serve. This ensures the entertainment and interest in their bets throughout the match. Today bookmakers offer not only bets on the total match total, but also the total of each set, as well as the individual total of games won by each athlete.

Additional bets

This type of offers can include: additional handicaps and totals different from those in the main line, individual athletes’ totals, bets on sets, tie-break in the match, exact scores of sets. This is a large number of suggestions that are worth paying attention to. In tennis a single game can be crucial, so in this sport the possibility to use additional bookmakers’ offers in the form of for and totals – allows the bettor to have an advantage over the exposed line.

Special bets

This type of betting can include the following bookmaker offers: aces, double faults, serving percentages, time of duration of the match, and a whole range of other statistical features, both common and individually for each athlete. While not all bookmakers risk giving such proposals in the line. And those who give – allow you to put a small amount of money. Special betas can be seen in the line only at major tennis tournaments, or at the final stages of tournaments. Statistics has always been popular with bettors, but tennis statistics is very hard to bet – bookmakers change odds quickly.