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How to bet on tennis: Tips for tennis betting

Tennis is the second most popular sport in Parimatch bookmakers after football. Live tennis betting tips are very popular, since a tennis match is much more dynamic than football, and the change of events here occurs much more often. Players who do not want to wait for a goal to be scored in football prefer to bet on the winners of games and sets right during the match. That is why the volume of betting on tennis on some days outstrips the volume of betting on football. How to tips for tennis betting tips 1×2, what you need to know and what to look for? Let’s talk about the most important thing.

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Advantages of tennis betting

The ability to track the shape of the players. If, in the case of the same football, it is extremely difficult to track the physical and psychological shape of the 11 main players of each team, then in tennis this issue is solved much easier – it is enough to watch just a couple of matches of a certain player, and you can already draw far-reaching conclusions regarding his current form.

Analytics for tips for tennis betting matches is somewhat simpler than for many team sports. It is very important in this respect not to miss the moment when the form passes from the peak to the peak stage. Typically, each stage of this endless cycle of form for tennis players lasts three to four weeks. As you gain experience in this difficult matter, you will undoubtedly learn how to correctly assess the current, as well as predict the upcoming state of tennis players. In women’s tennis, the result can be strongly influenced by the “”critical days”” of the athlete. Some players even keep a “”menstrual calendar”” of certain tennis players, although it is not clear how they do this.

A large number of comebacks during the match. Some of you, of course, will attribute this fact to the disadvantages of this sport, but people who are really well versed in betting will undoubtedly confirm that this is a very good trait in terms of betting. The largest number of phenomenal comebacks can be seen in women’s tennis. However, there are also enough miracles in men’s clay tournaments.

The regularity of the competition. You can always bet on tennis: any time, any day of the week. Unlike football, where in each championship there are a couple of significant breaks of two to three weeks, the tennis season has only one break at the very end of the calendar year, and even then 3-4 mid-level tournaments fit in these 14 days, so that tennis fans will never be bored. Even on January 1-2, more often than not, at least one tournament will begin.

Disadvantages of tennis betting

Uncertainty of the start and end times of fights. If in team sports (as, indeed, in most individual sports), the start time of fights is determined a few days before their start, then in the case of tennis, the situation is much more complicated. At each tournament, the fights start one after the other, and until the previous pair has finished their match, the other will not start. That is why it is possible to say for sure only about the beginning of the game session – all subsequent fights can be delayed for as long as desired, and sometimes even postponed to the next day. The same goes for the end of the fight. For example, if you plan to withdraw money as soon as possible after calculating a bet or immediately place another bet, your plans may be significantly adjusted by the duration of the current match.

Dependence on the weather. One of the significant factors influencing the results of tennis matches is the weather. Despite all the development of modern technologies, the overwhelming majority of tennis matches take place on open courts, which means that the weather at any time can make its own adjustments to the course of the match. It may happen that your bet will hang in the air for a couple of days until the rains stop in some Casablanca. Also, do not forget that after the rain the nature of the game can completely change, since the players have time to recover psychologically and start the game from scratch. Rain often plays into the hands of good serving players, who get the opportunity to regain strength, make aces, and play hurricane games again on their serve.

Features of single sports. Table tennis betting tips on team sports is in many ways safer than on singles, because in a team game, the poor psychological or physical condition of one player often does not have a decisive influence on the fight. In the case of tennis, everything is much more complicated – moral depression, poor physical or psychological shape of one of the players automatically puts an end to his chances of winning. What is most annoying, it is possible to determine these flaws only after several games have passed. In addition, injuries also occur in tennis matches. And if in team sports in such a situation a replacement is made and the game continues, then in tennis an injury of one of the participants means his departure from the tournament. There is nothing more offensive than losing a bet due to the refusal of a tennis player who had played confidently up to this point.

Types of tennis bets

Outcome bet. As you might guess, this bet offers to guess which of the two tennis players will be the winner of the given match. The smallest margin and the highest tennis betting tips for today limits are usually offered to win, but you will hardly be able to find a significant spread of odds here. According to statistics, this type of bet is the most popular among players.

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Handicap. By betting on a handicap, you are trying to guess the approximate number of games that one tennis player will beat another. Handicap in tennis can be positive and negative. A plus is given to outsiders, and a minus one is given to favorites. For example, if you are betting on one of the athletes to win with a handicap of -3.5, you need him to win at least 4 games in total. Betting +3.5 handicap, you should be worried that the player you bet on does not lose more than 3 games in total. Handicap by sets means that you make a prediction for the winner of a pair, taking into account a specific plus or minus handicap of sets.

Total. Total means the total number of games scored by both tennis players in the match. You can bet that there will be more or less of the number offered in the line.

Counting by sets. The tennis set is the largest score in a match. The bet on the score by sets offers to guess the final score by lots. For example, by betting on 2-0, you predict that the player you bet on will win both sets.

Other rates. Many bookmakers limit their tennis line to the above positions, however, some gambling establishments, which tend to please customers more often, sometimes significantly inflate their tennis line. So, you can be offered bets on the handicap, total and the winner in the first, second and all other sets, the winner of each individual game, the presence of a tie-break in the match, the number of break points, and so on.

Live tennis betting (during the game)

The strategy for tennis betting tips today in live can differ significantly from betting on other sports. On the live line, bets are often made on the winner of one particular game. This strategy is suitable for experienced and sophisticated privateers who know how to judge the quality of play, serving and receiving of opponents.

Another tip on how to tennis betting tips free live: it is important to take into account the psychological state of the athlete in the game, because a technically stronger player can lose a set and even a match by making a mistake on the first serve. Making a break in tennis (taking a game on the opponent’s serve) is very important, and it is almost impossible to foresee this in advance. Live tennis betting captivates players with the opportunity not to wait for the end of the match, but to see the result literally a few minutes after making a bet with the bookmaker.

Pre-match analytics

The strategy of betting on tennis and pre-match analytics of tennis fights, on the one hand, is more complicated, and on the other, easier than in other sports – there are too many factors that in one way or another can affect the final result. Let’s consider the most important of them.

Coating. One of the key factors affecting pre-match layouts is the surface on which the fight will be held. As you know, in modern tennis, there are four main types of surfaces: hard, clay, grass and carpet. Of these, only Grand Slam tournaments are not held on the carpet.

Each coating has its own characteristics, the main of which is the rebound. So, on the ground, the rebound is high and slow, which negates the importance of serving and makes the game longer and thinner. The more technical and psychologically balanced players have the advantage on clay. On grass, serving is of great importance. Serving players have a huge advantage here. And in general, due to the low and fast rebound, the game on grass courts is mainly carried out in three or four strokes. Hard is something between soil and grass. That is why most players consider hard to be the most “”fair”” surface, showing the objective strength of each player.

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Rating. It is no coincidence that the conversation about rating comes after the conversation about coverage. The fact is that the difference in the game of many tennis players on different surfaces is so significant that the rating in this case completely loses its meaning. And in general, the rating should be taken into account by you in the last place, because, despite the seemingly objectivity of the data given in it, it will more often confuse you than help you.

Tournament status and motivation. Motivation is one of the key issues in pre-match analysis. As you know, all other things being equal, it is motivation that has a decisive influence on the outcome of the fight.

Additional motivation (besides, of course, the prize money) may lie in the home status of the tournament, a large support group in the stands, the prospect of an increase in the rating, the struggle to get to the final tournament of the year, or even the personal feud of the players. One of the determining factors in player motivation is the status of the tournament. In whatever form tennis players are, they will always fight to the last at Grand Slam tournaments. Slightly less prestigious, but also highly popular among players, are the Masters series tournaments. Be careful with small competitions that serious players come to. It often happens that they enter a tournament solely to collect prize money for their participation. Most often, in this case, their performance ends already in the first two rounds.

Head-to-head confrontation. In every sport there is such a concept as “comfortable” and “inconvenient” opponent. Sometimes it happens that a TOP-level player has a very hard time in matches with a representative of the second hundred. And it seems that other leaders of world tennis can easily deal with him, but this does not work. In this case, there is such a thing as “uncomfortable opponent”. The inconvenience may lie in the style of the game, the manner of serving, the working hand (left-handed, right-handed). However, when identifying uncomfortable opponents, do not forget to pay attention to the surface, since an uncomfortable opponent on the ground can turn into a passing opponent on the grass.

The current form. It is the current form, and not the rating and history of personal confrontations, that should become the key factor influencing your rate. It is not difficult to determine the current form – it is enough to watch the last 2-3 matches with the participation of each of the tennis players (and the matches must be made no later than two weeks before the reporting match).

I would like to warn you against betting on a tennis player who is higher in the ranking, but in questionable shape. As practice shows, such rates are extremely rarely profitable and are certainly unprofitable in the long term. In this respect, it is much more profitable to play in reverse tactics, that is, to bet against favorites that are out of shape.

Player statistics. Well, and what kind of pre-match analysis without a detailed study of statistics. Nothing will give you such a comprehensive picture of the coming confrontation as the world of numbers. First of all, you should pay attention to the winning percentage of the first and second innings, as well as games on your serve. If you are going to bet on a weaker tennis player, then it is these indicators that will determine his ability to hold out against the favorite for as long as possible. Also, don’t forget to look at the ratio of winners to enforsies. For example, if you are betting on a reliable, well-defended player, it is beneficial for you to bet against an actively attacking tennis player who makes many unforced mistakes, even with a large number of winners.

Free tennis tips today

Our tennis tip predictions are not limited to Grand Slam tournaments such as the Australian Open, the French Open, Wimbledon or the US Open, but also to the Masters tournaments and many other tennis tournaments.

Tennis betting tip seekers will therefore surely find what they are looking for in our category and are well advised by our tennis experts.

The texts of our authors as well as the tennis betting odds are updated daily to keep our readers up-to-date.

Even if tennis is no longer as popular as it used to be, the sport with the yellow felt ball is still the second most popular betting sport in Bangladesh after football.

Tennis betting tips – the best betting providers

In our tennis tip predictions, our sports betting professionals rely not only on the most important statistics but also on the current form curves and playing styles of the participants in order to be able to offer our readers well-analyzed tennis tips.

However, it is not only about the right bet for the tennis tip, but also the right betting provider.

There are countless bookies on the market – we have analyzed and rated the best bookmakers for tennis betting.

Why are tennis betting online so popular?

Tennis is a world sport and therefore enjoys a high level of attention around the world. But just because a discipline is popular does not mean that it can also be classified as a betting sport. Why tennis is so popular among fans of sports betting is due to several factors: Tennis is an extremely fast sport. Lots of rallies and hard hits ensure a lot of action and great entertainment. As a result, bookmakers hardly have any limits when it comes to creating bets and betting markets.

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In addition to long-term bets on the winner of a tournament or the winning bet of a game, you can bet on all imaginable events, such as the exact outcome of a set, the number of sets, or, for example, the number of games. This immensely large selection of betting options naturally ensures the best possible entertainment for the audience interested in betting.

In addition, the bookies are also in competition. The bettor in turn benefits from this: attractive bonus offers, competitive odds and interesting additional offers await them. Here, too, we stay on the ball for you and keep you up to date on promotions!

Tennis betting odds

As mentioned above, there are numerous tennis betting markets and providers Funbet .A odds comparison pays off in any case. We have put together an overview of the most important tournaments and betting odds.

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