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Volleyball betting guide

Combination competition is volleyball. All participants on the site have a strict specialization. The most important quality for players is jumping ability to get high. Service providers serve volleyball bets. Betting on volleyball PariMatch is available for you.

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The essence of the game is the competition of 2 teams on a special platform, divided by a grid. It is significant that only 3 touches can be made for an attacking moment (in addition to a touch on the block). There are numerous offshoots from the classic look – this is beach volleyball (played on sand), on snow, mini-game, park volleyball, sitting volleyball (Paralympic). Learn volleyball betting terms PariMatch.

Rules of volleyball

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The first steps in the game of volleyball did not limit the number of players and the number of touches. Volley (volleyball) and ball (ball) is a popular game that is popular among both women and men. 

The founder of volleyball is considered to be a teacher from one of the US colleges, William J. Morgan. In 1895, during a lesson, he hung a net at a height of two meters and so the game began. The game then spread to Asia and Europe. Over time, he gained many admirers. In 1910, the conditions for the game were created, which are still legal today.

The standard size of the playing field is 18 by 9 meters. The net is located at a height of 2.43 meters for men and 2.24 meters for women. A volleyball match consists of 3 to 5 games. In the game, the team reaches 25 points. Each team can have up to 14 players, but only 6 can be on the court at a time.

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How to bet on volleyball

Deals on this sport are similar to bets on other team sports with a ball, but with some nuances:

  • There is practically no betting on the outcome in volleyball. Although bookmakers offer to bet on the outcome of a match or the result of a single set.
  • Betting with a handicap is the difference in the number of points scored between teams, or rather, it is a known advantage or an acceptable lag of one of the opponents. In volleyball, odds are given both throughout the match and in batches.
  • Total betting is popular. Someone bets on the number of points in the entire competition, others in a separate set, and there are also individual totals of volleyball players. In general, a bet on total means a bet on a certain number of points – more or less than the indicator offered by the bookmaker.
  • Account entries. Bookmakers offer, but experienced players rarely use this opportunity. When there is a difference in class between the teams, the multiplier for the score of about 4:1 for the games is given a small one. If the opponents play the same way, then guessing the exact score is unrealistic.
  • Balance bets are not very popular. It involves betting on reaching a score of 24:24. Many participants in the game draw conclusions live, since in the course of the meeting the multiplier on the balance can change dramatically.
  • Statistical rates. Volleyball fans use knowledge of the game process and individual teams. For example, the number of innings per elimination, how many timeouts, and even the number of video views of the meeting. But not all bookmakers deal with such types of bets.
  • Dispute on even/odd. Here you need to rely only on luck. This type of dispute cannot be analyzed.
  • To win the League of Nations, the World Cup or some of the national championships. They are made long before the result of the tournament is known. But it is here that you can bet under a high multiplier.
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Make your volleyball betting predictions PariMatch

For better predictions, use volleyball betting tips PariMatch.

Where to follow volleyball

Volleyball betting Bangladesh PariMatch available. You can also watch the event there. Significant events:

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  • Volleyball competitions are held on the world playground annually. Firstly, let us recall the Olympic Games, where this type of sports game is in great demand. Following them, a significant place is occupied by the World Championships, which are held under the leadership of the FIVB.
  • There are still a lot of continental championships, which include the European volleyball championship.
  • The World Championship, World League and World Grand Prix are also held under the auspices of the FIVB.

Top volleyball teams:

  • The brightest representatives of world volleyball are the national teams of Brazil, Poland, the USA, Russia, Italy, as well as Cuban, Japanese, Serbian and Chinese teams. The German national team has been lagging behind the chain of leaders in recent years.
  • The record for the number of viewers was 2014. About 62 thousand volleyball fans gathered for the World Championship in Poland. Such a precedent has not occurred to date.

Bet on volleyball with PariMatch

You don’t need to tempt fate when placing a bet, you won’t be able to calculate the outcome, so in volleyball everything can be decided by chance. But you shouldn’t relax, consider all the features of this game and adjust your strategy, which can help beat the bookmaker.

The result of the game directly depends on the main attacker and the libero. Before the match, find out if these players have had any injuries. The gap of 10 points is easy to win back. A big lead in the middle that is not always preserved until its end. This moment must be taken into account when arguing for profit.

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Volleyball teams from the TOP level often meet at domestic championships and international competitions, this dissipates their potential, so also take this factor into account when betting. Agreements happen in Eastern Europe and Turkey. Unfortunately, this cannot be determined. But given this, you can avoid unnecessary risks. For the bet to play, it is better to bet in live mode.