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CSGO betting – this is how you can bet real money on CSGO!

Counter-Strike is one of the oldest esports disciplines. The history of the team shooter began in 1999. Counter-Strike tournaments entered the lives of players in the early 2000s, and over time, the game took the leading position in the eSports market. The release of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) in 2012 coincided with the heyday of online csgo betting, and bookmakers almost immediately began to accept bets on CS: GO matches.

CS:GO bets are part of every good eSports betting program. In recent years, the eSports market in Parimatch review has become significantly more lucrative due to professionalization, which is why the betting offers on eSports are at an all-time high. One of the titles that stand out in the field of eSports is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

CS: GO tournaments

Counter-Strike is a shooter in which the goal depends on the maps (locations) on which the action takes place. The competitive mode (5v5) always follows the same scenario: terrorists attack to plant a bomb, and counter-terrorists defend the base to prevent this from happening. To win, you need to destroy all enemies. To win the map, one of the teams must win 16 rounds.

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After 15 played rounds, the teams switch sides. Those who played as terrorists in the first half will play as counter-terrorists, and vice versa. If after two periods the teams have an equal number of won rounds (15-15), 2 additional periods of 3 or 5 rounds are assigned. The list of cards may vary depending on the wishes of the participants and organizers.

Counter-Strike has always been among the top esports tournaments like WCG, DreamHack , CPL, IEM , etc. But CS flourished as a discipline when csgo skin betting came out. It was in CS: GO that large LAN tournaments with huge prize pools began to be held. Today, the prize pool of $ 100,000 is considered a small amount, for which the teams of the second echelon are mainly fighting.

Types of CS: GO tournaments

About 100 high and medium level tournaments are held annually in the world. They can be classified as follows:

– Minors are low-level tournaments with small prize pools. However, a successful performance in such competitions gives teams a chance to break through to higher-level tournaments, where prize money amounts to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

– “Majors” – competitions of the highest level, which can be entered either by direct invitation of the organizers, or through minor tournaments. For winning such competitions, teams receive the most rating points, and the prize money reaches up to a million dollars. The official name of these tournaments is Major, and they are the largest competitions in the csgo betting parimatch discipline. They are held 2 times a year, usually in summer and autumn. During such tournaments, esports bets are among the top among all sections of bookmakers.

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The goal of any team is to get to the Major, which is held only a few times a year. Winning a Major and becoming an MVP is considered the pinnacle of an esports career in this discipline.

To go down in CS history, you can not only win a Major, but also become the winner of the Intel Grand Slam (an award from the company of the same name). To receive this award and collect $ 1,000,000 in gold bars, a team must win a specific list of tournaments in one game season. This list includes the main tournaments ESL, DreamHack and IEM. The exact rules and list of tournaments change every season.

There are also small sponsored tournaments, leagues and qualifiers. Top teams with a worldwide reputation try to play only at major LAN tournaments and online qualifiers.

Types of bets on CS: GO

Similar to the classic sports betting, you have 2-way win bets, handicap bets or over / under bets and additional betting options for the detailed course of the game.

With outright bets, you place your tip on the overall winner of a card, whereby the additional betting options make up the great attraction of CS: GO bets. The following are of interest here:

  • The total number of kills
  • The total number of inhibitors destroyed
  • The total number of barons overthrown
  • The region of the winner
  • The team with the most kills

There are hardly any limits here. Thanks to the many tournaments and the sometimes different formats, you can of course also place CS: GO bets that speculatively pick out the winner of a group or the overall winner of the tournament.

Compared to other games in the field of eSports, you will also see that CS: GO bets are available much more frequently and also have a constant depth in the betting market. CS: GO is a popular game worldwide, which is why CS: GO bets are offered to you on a daily basis.

Of course, the betting providers adapt their offer for betting in eSports to the worldwide popularity of the game. Since CS: GO is one of the absolute top games, you will also find a correspondingly comprehensive range of bets.

CSGO betting odds – strong values ​​for eSports odds!

This popularity is also reflected in the odds that you get from betting providers. These CS: GO betting odds differ from event to event and also from bookmaker to bookmaker, but especially in the major international tournaments you are offered attractive odds.

When we took a closer look at the CS: GO betting odds at Unibet at any point in time (i.e. not during a highlight event) for a test, the odds key for the current CS: GO games was constantly around 93 %. A decent payout rate, but not to be compared, for example, with the top values ​​of the Football Champions League, where 97% is sometimes paid out to the winners.

In a duel favorite against outsiders, we found odds of 1.05 to 13.00 for the two-way bets on the winner of the match. At the most even rate, both teams were priced at 1.83 on their respective wins.

In the lines of bookmakers, you can find several types of bets on matches and tournaments in CS: GO.

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The main

  • W1 or W2 (bet on the outcome). The victory of one or the second team. As a rule, offers for the outcome can be found both in the prematch and in the live. A tie (X) is rare, as the format of the competition is most often formed in such a way as to immediately identify the winner.
  • Total (less or more). In CS: GO, bets on total can be made on the number of cards or rounds. For example, if the match format is bo3 (a game up to two wins), then the bookmaker will offer to put 2.5 cards on TB or 2.5 cards on TM. In other words, it is proposed to bet on the fact that all three cards or only two will play in the match. There can be no other options. The same goes for the bo5 formats (the game is up to three wins, the maximum number of cards in the game is five), bo7 and so on. There is no such bet in the bo1 format, since only one card will be played in the match.
  • TM or TB rounds . In this case, it is proposed to bet on the number of rounds. There are a limited number of them in cs go bets. A minimum of 16 rounds will be played (if one team wins with a score of 16: 0). The most profitable bet on total over is 29.5 rounds TB, that is, to win, it is necessary that the teams play all 30 rounds for two sides (excluding additional rounds). Many bookmakers also offer to bet on individual TB or TM rounds.
  • Handicap (plus or minus). Most often seen when a favorite and an outsider meet. For example, if the match format is bo3, then the bookmaker will offer to bet on the favorite with a handicap (-1.5) or on an outsider with a handicap (+1.5). In the first case, it is assumed that the favorite will win with a score of 2: 0 on the cards. In the second case, that the outsider wins at least one card. Handicap can also apply to rounds.

Handicap cs go betting is closely related to parimatch betting on the exact score , since the format of csgo betting site matches is always known in advance, which means that the number of cards played is very limited. For example, with the bo3 format, the following accounts are possible: 2: 0, 2: 1, 0: 2, or 1: 2.


  • Winning pistol rounds. Having won the first pistol round, the team provides itself with the necessary funds, which are spent on the purchase of more powerful weapons. These rounds are very different from others, since only in them the teams are in the same conditions. Some bookmakers also offer bets on the second, third and fourth rounds. Basically, such bets are popular in live.
  • Total of rounds or cards (even or odd). In this case, everything also depends on the format of the match. For example, in the bo3 format, such a rate is not much different from TM or TB 2.5 cards.
  • Team wins on either side (CT or T). The features of some cards allow one of the parties to enjoy the benefits. For example, it is generally accepted that counter-terrorists are very strong on the de_nuke map. Therefore, it makes sense to consider a CT victory if there is a strong team on this side.

Our CSGO betting tips for your first experiences in eSports

It is of course absolutely clear to us that many of you are still very cautious about approaching the eSports market and have not yet dared to place higher bets.

For this reason, we think it is important that you first deal with the matter and understand what you are actually betting on at CSGO bets. We therefore have three tips for you at this point that you should keep in mind if you want to start betting on CS:GO.

Tip 1: watch live streams and understand the game

A fundamental interest in Counter-Strike is of course good, but, as with sports betting, not necessarily decisive for successful betting slips. Nevertheless, watch some live streams or videos on various streaming portals and get an impression of the course of the game, the respective maps and the fluctuating betting odds.

Tip 2: Always pay attention to the topicality and be up to date

Furthermore, it is essential that you inform yourself about the entire CS: GO scene and get as many statistics as possible. Bookmakers such as the CS: GO Lounge, in particular, play a decisive role here, as many convinced CS: GO betting providers now have a large portfolio of statistics on every player and every team. This is helpful because you are entering completely new territory at the beginning.

Tip 3: compare odds with several betting providers

You should also make use of the many CS: GO betting providers, because the more impressions you get of the respective odds and the various betting markets, the better you can ultimately decide which CS: GO betting provider is right for you. Registering with more than one eSports betting provider is therefore not wrong – a CS: GO tip that experts in the scene also give. With a little patience and interest, you will quickly find your way around the CS: GO betting market.

CS: GO betting strategies

The main types of bets have a number of advantages. Firstly, they are relevant both before the match and in live. Secondly, the process of analyzing such rates is more understandable and structured. Thirdly, such bets can be found at almost any official bookmaker 1xbet, William Hill.

Correct analysis starts with defining the tournament. For example, teams take LAN tournaments more seriously than online ones. In addition, in online matches, the connection quality of the participants can be different, and this greatly affects the effectiveness of shooting and movement.

Next, you need to turn to statistics. The statistics of the last performances and the map pool of teams are of great importance, that is, on which maps the teams play well, and on which ones they are bad.

You should always be aware of changes in team lineups. If in football the replacement of one of the players before the start of the match is not always decisive, then in csgo betting and other team esports disciplines (5v5) this is almost the main factor. Each team member is a key figure. It is unprofitable for teams to keep two equal squads for unforeseen events.

The emotional and physical state of the players also greatly affects the result. For example, it is not always easy for Europeans and Americans to get used to the time zones and food of Asian countries. The first days of the game for foreign teams are not always smooth.

Team news can be found on specialized news portals or on the players’ social networks.

All the facts about CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the last legitimate successor to the legendary Counter-Strike series. The first person shooter game series (now known as Tactical Shooter) was originally launched in 1999, CS: GO was only released in 2012. Logo of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

In the early years, the game came into the focus of criticism and was often brought in connection with rampages in schools in Germany and the USA. Almost 20 years later, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can fill entire halls and is one of the most professional eSports in the industry.

With its rapid development, CS: GO naturally benefited from the existing structures. Not only were various LAN events held with the predecessors of CS: GO, a clan structure had already been formed, which is a great advantage over new game titles in the area of ​​eSports.

CS: GO was quickly accepted by the major clans as a worthy successor to the classic version. CS: GO has been the standard for Counter-Strike in eSports for several years. There are many tournaments and online leagues around the world (e.g. ESL and MLG) so there are plenty of options for eSports players who specialize in Counter-Strike. The game exerts a great fascination, as new scenarios always arise, depending on the actions of the players involved. Compared to other titles on the market, players have significantly more freedom during the course of the game and can therefore stand out thanks to more individuality.

The course of the game: An anti-terrorist unit takes on terrorists. There are various interesting game modes in classic computer games:

  • arms race
  • destruction
  • Casual game
  • competition
  • Deathmatch
  • Wingman
  • War games

The major eSports tournaments and online leagues almost always use the competition mode. Typically, the two teams that compete against each other consist of five players each. The classic game is “Best of 30”. In the recent past, smaller competitions with “Best of 5” or even “Best of 3” have established themselves. These variants are often more exciting for spectators at eSport events, as the result is achieved more quickly. Ultimately, the betting markets also benefit from this, as more live bets can be generated. Most of the time the same map is played in all rounds.

The coordination and harmony of the individual team members is essential for a successful team. The smallest mistakes are punished coldly. Therefore, the top teams in CS: GO train regularly and adapt their tactics to upcoming opponents.

On the one hand, an offensive strategy is worked out, on the other hand, defensive processes must also be rehearsed. We can confirm that Counter-Strike: GO is one of the most fascinating esports and extremely interesting to watch. Therefore, nowadays one no longer speaks of a first-person shooter, but rather of a tactical shooter.

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