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Basketball betting tips, bets & odds

The biggest area of ​​betting is known to be football. Most betting providers therefore also concentrate on this market. However, besides football there are many other sports that can be very interesting and lucrative. These include handball, ice hockey, horse racing and of course betting basketball. In this article today we are interested in the latter sport.

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Betting Basketball is dynamic, athletic and super exciting. Here, too, you can find very good basketball betting tips with us. With these basketball betting tips you can diversify your bets and make even bigger profits. Especially if you get bored of football in the long run, basketball is a very good alternative to bring a breath of fresh air to your bets.

Basketball is the number 1 sport in many countries. This sport is extremely popular in the Mediterranean countries. Basketball is often followed there even more than football. But in America too, betting basketball is one of the Big 4 sports alongside American football, ice hockey and baseball. There are several leagues in almost every country in the world, both in the professional and amateur fields.

basketball betting tips

In this article we tell you everything about basketball bets , basketball betting tips , betting tips predictions , betting basketball and basketball odds. You will also find out how can help you win money with our basketball betting tips and thus have a change from soccer betting.

First of all, you should of course know which basketball league is suitable for betting. We bring you a little closer to 3 major leagues. These are among the best and most famous. That is why many betting providers have listed these leagues and make it possible to place basketball bets here. We’re talking about the NBA, the NCAA and the Euroleague.


The National Basketball Association, better known as the NBA, is the established professional betting basketball league in North America. This has been around since 1946. The NBA is considered the best league in the world without discussion. It is also the most popular in the world. Here you will find all the big stars of basketball such as LeBron James, Russel Westbrook, James Harden or Joel Embiid. Germans are and were also popular and known in the NBA. For example Dennis Schröder from the Atlanta Hawks or the former NBA star of the Dallas Mavericks Dirk Nowitzki.

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There are a total of 30 teams in the NBA. Including 29 from the USA and one from Canada. The Raptors from Toronto, Canada are also the current champions of the 2018-2019 NBA season. The NBA is divided into two groups called conferences. There is a western and an eastern one. The regular season consists of 82 games. The best 8 teams from each conference will then be sent to the play-offs. Here the master is chosen. Each round consists of a best-of-seven mode, that is. that the team that wins 4 games first goes to the next round.

The NBA is perfect for betting. Due to their popularity, there are a lot of NBA bets with the individual betting providers. That’s why you will also find a lot of NBA betting tips here. With the right NBA tips and game analysis, you can make successful basketball bets in this league. As a newcomer to basketball betting tips, you should look out for the NBA. This league is the easiest league to analyze. In addition, the level in the NBA is very high, which makes a basketball game all the more interesting. So be sure to check out an NBA game and enjoy the atmosphere in this excellent league.


The Euroleague is the champions league of basketball. Every year 18 top European teams compete against each other here. German basketball is also represented here. This year Bayern Munich played basketball and Alba Berlin played in the Euroleague. The level of this league is very high and almost all top clubs in European countries are represented here. First there is the regular season, then the play-offs and the champion is chosen in a Final Four tournament. Russian team CSKA Moscow is the reigning champions after beating Anadolu Efes from Turkey in the final last year. Especially Spanish, Turkish, Russian and Greek teams are represented here.

The Euroleague is the strongest league in Europe. That is why it is also popular for basketball betting in Europe. This competition is particularly worthwhile for fans of the Bundesliga basketball league. The German Bundesliga is well staffed with 2 teams a year. The two German teams are not yet known for the coming season. Of course,  provides many basketball betting tips for the Euroleague. In this league you can often find the best odds. We advise you to find out more about the Euroleague. The games are usually very exciting and you won’t find better European basketball anywhere.


You can also place bets on the future stars of tomorrow. The National Collegiate Athletic Association, better known as the NCAA, is an association that connects colleges and universities from the United States and Canada. The sports range from soccer to fencing to betting basketball. Here young talents play for their schools and compete against other teams. In basketball betting in particular, this is the hotspot for finding future superstars. College sport is very important in the USA and goes hand in hand with the well-known drafts. Here young players are elected to the best American teams. Unlike in other countries, college sport is actively pursued and lived.

The college leagues are characterized by young, modern basketball. These so-called divisions are characterized by speed and athleticism. The NCAA is ideal for betting, as there are often surprises. So there can be very interesting betting odds and with the right NCAA basketball betting tips you can sometimes win a small fortune. If you know your way around basketball, you shouldn’t miss out on the NCAA. Who knows, maybe with the next Michael Jordan you could win your bet.

Basketball odds

As in every sport, there are of course a quota for basketball bets. But what is a quota and how is it calculated?

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A betting odds is a mathematical calculation based on the principle of probability. This rate tells you how much money you will receive if you win. The betting providers set the odds for each individual bet. This depends on several factors, such as how strong a team is, their current position in the league, injuries to important players, their performance in the last games, home advantage and much more. The betting providers thus determine a probability for each outcome of this game. As a rule, the betting odds are calculated by experts from the individual betting providers.

The following formula is used to calculate the probability:

  • Betting odds = 100 / probability for event X.

If the determined probability is 25%, the odds would be 4.00, for example.

But be careful! There are 2 betting odds: the so-called “fair betting odds” and the so-called “real betting odds”. There is a crucial difference between these, which we will explain to you in the following sections.

The fair betting odds

In order to determine the fair betting odds, the above formula is used to calculate it. So this odds is the normal probability that the bookmakers have calculated. The basketball odds are then calculated as follows:

As an example, a normal 3-way bet in the Boston Celtics vs Los Angeles Lakers game:

Win Boston Celtics: Probability 20%: 100/20 = 5.00 odds.

Draw: Probability 10%: 100/25 = 10.00 odds

Los Angeles Lakers win: probability 70%: 100/70 = 1.43 odds.

The fair betting odds are not used because otherwise there would be no profit for the bookmaker. To do this, the bookmakers convert the odds into what is known as the “real betting odds”.

The real betting odds

In order to make a profit on basketball bets, the bookmakers convert the fair betting odds and multiply the fair odds by a factor that is less than 1.

The formula is used accordingly:

  • Real betting odds = fair betting odds x (n <1)

Let’s just imagine that a bookmaker would use the factor 0.9, which in our example would mean the following:

Boston Celtics win: 5.00 x 0.9 = 4.50

Tie: 10.00 x 0.9 = 9.00

Los Angeles Lakers win: 1.43 x 0.9 = 1.29

The real betting odds are therefore always less high than the figures for the fair betting odds. In this way, the bookmakers ensure that they do not have to make any losses in the long term. It is therefore always important to pay attention to the basketball odds in order to find the best odds.

How do I bet on betting basketball?

You can easily place a bet on the website of a bookmaker, in its app or in the kiosk. Placing the right betting basketball bets should be thought out though. In addition to the bets, you can drastically increase your potential profit with a simple trick!

There are several types of bets, short term and long term. Below you will find simple explanations of the most popular types of bets as well as the advantages and disadvantages. With classic bets, you bet on the winning team or on a tie. As already explained, a bet has odds that represent your possible profit. This odds varies according to probability and, in the case of combination and system bets, according to the number of results you have bet. The more games you put together in one bet, the higher your possible profit!

There are basically 3 types of bets that you will find at any bookmaker:

If you want to bet your money on a single game, you should make a single bet. Your possible profit is calculated in these bets using the real betting odds.

If you prefer to bet on several games at the same time, you should use the multi-bets. With these bets, all real betting odds are multiplied, which of course can drastically increase your profit. The disadvantage is that you have to have typed all the results correctly, otherwise you will lose all your stake.

In order to be able to combine several combination bets, you are welcome to use system bets. With system bets, you bet on several games in a similar way to the combination bet. However, not all games have to be guessed correctly. If you bet on 5 games as an example, you can bet a “4 of 5” system. But you have to pay your stake 5 times. The advantage is that you only have to guess 4 out of 5 games correctly to receive your winnings. So you can allow yourself to have typed a game wrong.

basketball betting

There are countless betting providers where you can place basketball bets. These include, for example, bet365 or bwin and many more. These have a wide variety of offers and quotas. In order to maintain an overview, analyzes and evaluates the providers for you in order to find a suitable provider for you.

On you will find numerous betting basketball betting tips such as NBA tips, NCAA tips and Euroleague tips. also gives you daily new basketball betting tips for single, system and combination bets to make big profits. You will also find reviews of many betting providers so you can easily compare the different odds and that all on a single platform!

Basketball live betting

Live bets are becoming more and more popular with customers, as real-time bets are an exciting and varied alternative to pre-game bets. With basketball live betting, you can bet on certain events in the course of a game. Live bets are so popular because you have the feeling of being able to participate more actively in the game by analyzing the game live and trying to find out which is the stronger team.

In basketball live betting there are several options and ways to place bets. Here you can find the most famous:

  • Remaining time : with this option you decide which team you think will win. It is important to know that only the remaining time counts. The game basically starts again from zero, which means that the points already scored do not count.
  • Tip : with this basketball bet, you normally bet on which team will win the game.
  • Next point : here you have to bet on a betting basketball team that you think will get the next point.
  • Points from now on : With this basketball bet you bet on the points that will be made during the game. Here you tap on whether more or fewer points will fall, for example more than 25.5 points or less. This type of basketball bet is known as the “over-under” bet.

You can read many experience reports on almost all providers of basketball live betting. This gives you the opportunity to quickly find your ideal provider and save valuable time. Basketball betting tips today will help you choose the right moments to place a bet, even when betting live. We help you in many leagues, such as the Bundesliga or the NBA, to make your live betting a success.

Betting company “Parimatch” gives its customers 15% cashback from basketball bets.

How to take part in the promotion?

  • Register or log in to the www Parimatch BC website  ;
  • Enter your username and password on the promotion page to confirm your participation;
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The cashback amount is calculated as follows: Cashback amount = (the sum of all promotional bets minus the amount of payments for promotional bets) * 15%. If the value is less than or equal to zero, cashback is not paid.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ The offer is available to all clients of the company;
+ All bets placed on basketball are accepted for the promotion.

– To wager the received bonus funds, you must, within 7 days from the moment the cashback was credited, make a bet on the amount of the bonus with a total odds of at least 1.70;
– The ability to withdraw funds from the gaming account will be temporarily limited until the wagering requirement is met.

The best betting providers for basketball

In order to place your bets, of course, you need a suitable bookmaker. Of course, when it comes to betting basketball, you should focus on bookmakers who offer a lot of basketball bets. This means that a bookmaker should have a large betting market for basketball. Not only the popular top leagues should be represented, but also other leagues such as the French, Turkish or Greek. These leagues are particularly interesting for sports betting. A provider who has few offers for betting basketball is of course not suitable for basketball betting.

In addition to the betting offer, the welcome bonus is an important point. This is also known as the bonus for new customers. The best betting providers naturally have generous bonuses with low turnover modalities. Often the first deposit is doubled as a welcome bonus.

That means a 200 percent bonus on the first deposit. Shows you in a bonus comparison which sports betting bonus you can expect from basketball betting bookmakers. In addition to the welcome bonus, there should be other bonuses. This includes the no deposit bonus or a frequent bonus code. You can use these specifically with our basketball betting tips to convert these bonuses perfectly into winnings.

Since the betting providers offer different odds, it is important to know which provider gives me the best odds for my basketball bets. Of course, good odds mean more profit for you. This is why it is important to choose a bookmaker that offers you good odds. analyzes the odds and tells you where you can get the most winnings for the same bet!

If you like to use your smartphone, it is an advantage for you if a provider has an parimatch mobile app download in which you can quickly and easily submit your basketball betting tips.  shows you immediately whether there is an app for your smartphone so that you can download it and get started right away. Alternatively, many providers also have a mobile web app that replaces the conventional app. The advantage of these web apps is that you don’t have to download them and they run on any operating system. So we think the web app is a great alternative to a normal app for mobile devices.

Various betting providers even have free live streams of the games if you have a betting account with them, so you can watch one or the other game while you bet on basketball and you don’t need an additional subscription. These live streams are particularly interesting for the NBA or NCAA. It’s not always that easy to watch American basketball on TV. The NBA subscriptions are usually very expensive. With a bookmaker live stream you save this money and can use it for further bets.

Not only has the best basketball betting tips, but also compares the bookmakers for you and thus gives you an overview of the offers of the best-known betting providers. We try to help you with our experience so that you can find the best bookmaker for you without major difficulties.

You can also read the neutral reviews of our community. This gives you a complete overview of all the special features of the providers that can be used on the German market. Bonus comparison, advantages and disadvantages, as well as a neutral rating of the providers through a point and star system, can be found in our bookmaker overview!


Basketball is a perfect sport for making bets. Here you can find very good odds for interesting games. It’s a great change from classic football bets. You don’t even have to be a professional in basketball to make a profit here. Not only America but also Europe has attractive basketball. The possibilities of the betting leagues are therefore very large. Betting Basketball is a very interesting sport to watch and bet. Unfortunately, it is often not sufficiently appreciated. Neither on television nor with betting providers. But that shouldn’t spoil your pleasure in this sport. There are so many ways to actively pursue betting  basketball.

Sports betting tips to successfully place bets are very important to us. That is why we are at your side with words and deeds. Our huge community gives you useful tips for every sport every day. Basketball betting tips for today are extremely important to us so that you can place good bets. You can even share your own advice with us so that other users can benefit from it.

FAQ basketball betting

❓ Can you also bet on Bangladesh basketball betting games?

Yes, in terms of level of play and popularity, the German basketball league does well in a European comparison. You have both German sports betting and basketball bets from other countries (America, Spain, etc.) at your disposal.

〽️ What are the basketball betting odds?

You can find the best betting odds in the NBA. The quota level in the German basketball league is comparatively low.

❌ Does 3-way bets make sense in basketball?

We advise caution with 3-way bets . In terms of rules, there is no tie in basketball games. If there is a tie after regular playing time, the game is usually extended until a winner has been determined. As a result, most bookmakers have focused on 2-way betting. However, the odds are usually very high on tie bets at the end of regular time.

➕ What should you do before betting  basketball?

We recommend that you inform yourself very carefully about the individual teams via statistics and analyzes before placing a bet. This way you can increase your chances of winning.

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⭕️ Can handicap bets be placed on basketball?

Yes, many reputable and broad-based betting providers give you the opportunity to place handicap bets on basketball games.