William Hill Best Bookmaker in Bangladesh

William Hill story

William Hill belongs to the old guard in sports betting. The company was founded in 1934. In the meantime, more than 16,000 employees in nine different countries work for the traditional bookmaker. In addition, the company is not only active in the online area, but also has more than 2,400 betting shops in England.

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For this reason it can be clearly seen that the roots of William Hill can be found in the English area. Nevertheless, those responsible like to think outside the box and do not limit themselves to stationary business. With more than four million customers worldwide, WilliamHill is without a doubt one of the elite in the sports betting community.

To be fair, it must also be mentioned that it is nowhere near the big ones in terms of customer base. Bet365 or Pari match worldwide with more than 53 million customers.

Is William Hill Betting Reliable?

Without a doubt, this question can be answered with a more than clear “yes”. The company was founded in 1934. This aspect alone speaks for a high level of reliability. Otherwise the betting provider would not have been able to hold up to this day.

In addition, the online betting company William Hill Betting has a number of licenses that allow the distribution of sports betting. Sponsoring is also very important to WilliamHill. The sports betting provider acts as an official partner of the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur. Another indication that speaks for the security and reliability of the betting company.

William Hill has also been listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2002.

William Hill App & Website

Betting operator ease of useWilliam Hill is a betting company with a wealth of experience. Thus, those responsible have logically recognized that mobile betting also plays an important role. For this reason, the online betting provider not only offers a desktop version for placing bets, but also a browser-based app or a mobile sports betting app available for download . For every customer, the right option to get started with sports betting will be offered.

Regardless of whether it is an app or a desktop-based version, the William Hill betting offer is very clearly arranged and is very inviting for the typist. The website is well structured and for this reason it is quickly internalized even by newcomers to sports betting.

William Hill website structure / navigation

In terms of the basic navigation and the structure of the website, William Hill betting differs only slightly from the other online betting providers. A higher-level header navigation bar lets sports betting fans between the individual areas such as B. Sports betting, games, poker, bingo, promos, etc. ”differentiate.

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In addition, the button for logging in or opening the first betting account can still be found in this navigation. The start page, the promo area, the quota format, the language and the help section can be called up using a subordinate navigation system.

WilliamHill uses a three-column architecture for the navigation bars. The first segment includes all available sports and also a superordinate menu in which popular sports are offered. There is also a link to the live betting area using the “Live” button.

After the appropriate sport has been selected, another menu for the selected discipline opens in the first segment. In the case of soccer betting, it includes the categories “Daily List, Live Sports, Competitions, Statistics”. By clicking on the “Competitions” link, all available competitions are shown in the middle column.

william hill

Those interested in betting are offered a superordinate menu with the most popular competitions. All tournaments are then sorted by country or alphabetically.

As soon as the appropriate competition has been selected, all available events will open in the middle column. A higher-level navigation bar can be used to differentiate between the individual fixings and long-term bets for the tournament.

Whereby the long-term bets with the name “overall winner” are offered. The term “outrights” or ” long-term bets” would be more appropriate here. The associated betting options are revealed behind each heading.

In addition, the odds for win (H), draw (D) and defeat (A) are listed. By clicking on the heading, the entire range of bets for the duel is shown.

It is possible to differentiate between individual categories relating to betting (popular, goal scorers, goals, handicaps / total goals, etc.) using a superordinate navigation bar. Furthermore, individual markets can be shown or hidden.

If the sports betting fan has selected the desired odds, the betting slip opens in the lower right area. This moves automatically when you scroll and is therefore not lost in longer competitions or a larger range of betting options. With other betting providers, it is unfortunately firmly anchored in the upper area of ​​the website. In this regard, William Hill betting has undoubtedly thought about it.

The last column includes “Betting TV”. On the basis of this, the respective live streams with the associated territorial restrictions can be examined. The top bets are also presented.

The top betting recommendations always relate to the current day and offer a welcome point of contact to obtain information regarding a successful bet.

William Hill website experience

The navigation differs a little from the competition in some areas. After the desired sport has been selected, a superordinate menu navigation opens in the left column. With other betting providers, the offer opens directly under the discipline. The first step is to get used to this.

Although this is a small change compared to a large part of the competition, it should by no means be rated as negative. Ease of use and a good structure of the entire WilliamHill website are given in any case. The content is also very easy to read.

All writing is shown quite dark on a light background or the other way around. Important aspects such as quota changes or the selected quotas are highlighted and are immediately apparent to the visitor.

The live betting area does not stand out clearly from the pre-match sector in terms of color, but can be differentiated due to the color-coded scores and currently elapsed game minutes.

When it comes to performance, there is, by and large, hardly anything to complain about at WilliamHill. As a rule, all pages with the associated sub-pages load very quickly. There were only occasional shop hours. This is to be regarded as a no go, especially in the area of ​​live betting. For this reason, there is still room for improvement in this regard.

William Hill mobile app

Mobile bettingAs already mentioned at the beginning, those responsible at William Hill mobile place very high demands on the mobile accessibility of the betting offer. For this reason, several solutions are offered to manage William Hill mobile betting.

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On the one hand, the William Hill website has been optimized for mobile devices and can be accessed conveniently via smartphone or tablet. This brings with it a platform-independent approach. The browser-based William Hill Sports Betting App can be used on any mobile device. It doesn’t matter which operating system is used on it.

In addition to the browser-based application, William Hill continues to offer a version of its betting offer that is available for download. This can be conveniently downloaded for iOS or Android.

The customer is offered several options to place a mobile bet.

How do I download the William Hill mobile app?

The William Hill app for iOS devices can be downloaded quickly and easily. Simply go to the Apple App Store and enter William Hill betting in the search field. The mobile WilliamHill iOS app can be downloaded immediately afterwards.

william hill betting

The download for Android devices is a bit more complex. This is due to the fact that no betting provider software is allowed in the Google Play Store. For this reason, it makes sense to simply enter the search term “William Hill App Android” on Google and you will be redirected to the William Hill website. The WilliamHill Android app can be downloaded directly from here. As soon as the installation has been approved, those interested in betting can get into mobile sports betting.

William Hill app user experience

There is nothing wrong with William Hill’s mobile betting experience. Regardless of whether the bet is placed on the smartphone or tablet, the tipster always enjoys a high degree of user-friendliness and convenience. Technically and graphically, both the William Hill download app and the browser-based application were implemented very well.

Several million downloads speak for themselves and already indicate that the user experience of the William Hill sports betting app can be rated as very good.

WilliamHill mobile usability

The William Hill App (download & browser-based) comes with a user-friendly and modern design and is in no way inferior to the desktop-based application. Even inexperienced sports betting fans will find their way around quickly and easily and will not face any problems.

The registration is done quickly and thus completed within a few moments. All functions that are offered when using the desktop-based application on the PC or laptop can also be used with the William Hill app available for download or the browser-based app. There are no restrictions whatsoever when it comes to mobile betting and mobile functions.

William Hill mobile highlights:

  • William Hill Android App
  • William Hill iOS app
  • William Hill browser-based app

William Hill betting offer

Betting offerAs part of the betting provider test, William Hill provides 26 different sports for betting. There is the right discipline for every sports betting fan. At this point, however, it should be explicitly pointed out that the WilliamHill sports betting offer is subject to seasonal fluctuations. Accordingly, the value can fluctuate upwards or downwards. This is to be classified as customary in the industry.

Football plays first fiddle in the betting offer. Since the sports betting provider has English roots, the offer in the English area is very broad and impresses with a very large variety.

In addition to soccer, there are also other ball sports such as B. tennis, handball or basketball, to name just a few, are very popular. The William Hill portfolio can certainly be seen in this area, but does not come close to football. In general, it can be said that WilliamHill’s betting offer is convincing in terms of both depth and breadth. In the following, the individual sports are to be examined in more detail.

William Hill betting offer for German football

Although William Hill is an English betting company, it by no means neglects football. Similar to the numerous competitors, the main focus is on the top division and thus the first division. In some cases, customers can choose from more than 450 different betting options for the Bundesliga. A number that should be rated as first class.

Anyone who is toying with the idea that it is z. B. loses in the 2. Bundesliga is wrong. More than 400 different options are also granted to these encounters. Significant restrictions can be heard for the third division. After all, there are still more than 100 different options available for the third Bangladesh league. The same applies roughly to the regional area.

william hill betting

The number of special bets can also score points, although one or the other bookmaker promises more variety for the 3rd league or in the regional area.

In addition to the individual German leagues, sports betting fans can look forward to cup competitions. The DFB Cup should be mentioned here. William Hill impresses with a very multi-layered portfolio for the individual fixings.

William Hill Live Betting

Live betting has become a very important part of the sports betting section of bookmaker William Hill. This is primarily due to the fact that the nee

The long-term betting area is quite meager for football. For the Bundesliga, there was only the option of betting on the best goalscorer, the overall winner, placement in the top 4 and the relegation candidates during the William Hill experience test. Team or player comparisons were not offered to the tipster at all. There is definitely room for improvement in this category.

William Hill betting offer for top soccer leagues

In the context of the top football leagues, the English Premier League should be mentioned above all. As a betting provider rooted there with more than 2,400 betting shops in the English stationary sector, it is only logical that the Premier League has a very high priority.

From the first to the sixth division, England offers the opportunity to place bets. Similar to football, the number of different markets for the individual fixings depends heavily on the level of awareness of the competition.


Regardless of whether England, Spain, Italy or France, there are usually more than 400 betting options available for the top division. The sports betting fan leaves nothing to be desired. The options range from the classic three-way sports bet, result bets and goal bets to handicap bets.

Ultimately, William Hill provides tournaments around the globe for its customers. The offer is by no means limited to the top international soccer leagues. Here, too, it is important to ensure that the range of special bets and long-term bets is very much geared towards the popularity of the respective competition. However, other betting providers proceed in the same way.

William Hill betting range for other sports

As already mentioned at the beginning, William Hill is very well positioned in terms of breadth. With more than 26 different sports, the William Hill betting range is packed. Tennis is the second driving force behind soccer. In addition to the major tournaments, betting opportunities are also offered in the junior segment.

Other ball sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball and football are still very popular. Ice hockey fans also get their money’s worth and are delighted with a varied offer.

Fringe sports such as cricket, hurling, pool, yachting / sailing or badminton are also available in the William Hill sports betting offer.

Fans of e-sports are unfortunately no longer served by WilliamHill in order to meet the provisions of the new regulation of sports betting in Bangladesh.

If you want to bet on League of Legends , Counter Strike, Fifa, DOTA 2, Rainbow Six, StarCraft or Valorant, you will find what you are looking for at ComeOn , for example .

All in all, it is worth mentioning that William Hill has done everything right when it comes to his sportsbook and is opening all doors to customers. The offer is by no means limited to sports. Also at TV events such as B. Dancing on Ice or the Grammy Awards can be wagered. Every sports betting fan has to decide for himself whether this form of betting is desired.

William Hill Betting Program – Top Sports:

  1. Football
  2. tennis
  3. basketball
  4. ice Hockey
  5. Handball
  6. volleyball
  7. Table tennis
  8. formula 1
  9. William hill horse racing

William Hill Cashout

william hill betting

WilliamHill sports betting joins the ranks of online betting providers that offer its customers the option of claiming a cashout . Using the cash out, it is possible to secure profits ahead of time or to minimize losses.

A betting account is required as a basic requirement, otherwise betting is not possible. All markets in which a cash out is offered are marked with bookmaker William Hill by means of the cash out symbol on the right-hand side.

It is up to the typist to choose between a partial cash out and a complete cash out. As a rule, the Cash Out is available for both pre-match and live bets. Most of the options can be heard in football. But the Cash Out can also be used for a number of tennis games.

If a cash out is used, the amount calculated on the basis of the cash out will be credited to the betting account in the form of real money and is not subject to any further wagering requirements.

William Hill Live Betting

Live bettingLive betting has become a very important part of the sports betting section of bookmaker William Hill. This is primarily due to the fact that the need to conclude live bets is constantly growing in popularity.

In the live betting test, William Hill was able to convince and cut a very good figure from the ground up. Almost all events offered to customers pre-play are also available for betting after kick-off. For this reason, it is up to the sports betting fan himself to place live bets on his favorite sport such as tennis, football, basketball and the like after starting.

The William Hill live betting portfolio is well positioned in terms of breadth and depth, although it cannot compete with the big players in the industry. There is still room for improvement, especially when it comes to diversity and therefore fringe sports. On the whole, however, this is complaining at a high level.

Where can I find live betting on the William Hill website?

The sports betting fan succeeded quickly and easily via the “Live” button in the left navigation to the live betting area. The live betting area is loaded very quickly and therefore does not involve any loading times.

The WilliamHill live betting console reveals a complete range of all live sports when you call it up. A higher-level navigation can be used to differentiate between the various disciplines.

In addition, the customer can only use a button to list live events that involve a live stream. A very useful option if the bet is to be influenced by live streams.

The common three-way quotas for the respective live events are offered on the overview page. After each heading, a number marks the sum of the available betting options. These are quite broad and are particularly important in football and tennis.

A favorites function to mark certain headings is not available.

Most common William Hill live betting sports:

  1. Football
  2. tennis
  3. basketball
  4. volleyball
  5. Handball
  6. Table tennis
  7. William hill horse racing

How do I place a live bet on William Hill?

The bookmaker is one of the most experienced sports betting providers on the market. For this reason, those responsible have logically recognized that user-friendliness plays a key role for every customer. The conclusion of a live bet can thus be implemented very quickly and easily.

After the live console has been called up via the “Live” button, the tip friend is shown the entire WilliamHill live betting offer. Now the task is to select the appropriate sport in the header navigation. The entire offer for this is promptly revealed. Immediately afterwards you have to choose the right match. As soon as this has been clicked, the complete betting overview for the desired duel opens. In addition, individual statistics and a match tracker are offered.

A higher-level navigation bar offers the option to differentiate between individual markets. Categories such as B. “popular, goal scorers, others, etc.” is required. Then the task is to select the appropriate quota. The betting slip opens promptly in the lower right area. This includes the appropriate selection, the highlighted odds as well as the stake determined by the customer. The bet is thus very quick and easy to do.

William Hill live betting experiences

There is basically nothing wrong with the live betting center from William Hill live. Even newbies to sports betting will find their way around quickly and easily. The range is quite impressive in terms of its breadth, even if it does not come close to the elite in the industry.

The core sports such as football and tennis are very well represented both in depth and in breadth and leave nothing to be desired by the customer.

However, the lack of a multiviews is a bit negative. It is not possible to list several encounters with the associated markets together. For this reason, the typist can only focus on one entry.

In addition, there is no live calendar. Sports betting fans are not given the option to find out about the upcoming live fixtures.

William Hill is one of the sports betting providers on the market that include live streams in their offer. It is consistently positive that the button “only streamed events” lists live events that involve a live stream.


If you want to get additional information on the respective fixings, you can use the match tracker or the livescore, which reveals information such as corners, shots on goal, injuries, cards, etc. With the help of this large amount of information, betting can be steered in the right direction.

The live betting conclusion can be realized on the desktop version as well as the mobile version. Incidentally, changes in odds and the respective live scores are highlighted in color and can be seen directly. Visually, the live betting sector differs only marginally from the William Hill Pre Play area apart from the color differentiation.

William Hill Live Offers:

  • Live sports
  • Live streams

How do I place a bet with William Hill live bookmaker?

In line with the conclusion of live betting, the conclusion of a pre-match bet at William Hill was kept very simple and poses no problem even for newbies to sports betting.

In order to still discuss placing bets at WilliamHill, step-by-step instructions are provided below. Basically, you need a betting account with William Hill to get into sports betting. If this is not yet available, prior registration is required in order to actively participate in betting.

Select sport

If the login has been completed, it is necessary to select the desired sport. To do this, you simply have to select the appropriate discipline in the navigation bar on the left. If the selection falls on football, a higher-level menu opens.

This includes the following sub-items: “Daily list, live sports, competitions and statistics”. After the “Competitions” tab has been selected, the middle column provides an overview of these.

A distinction is made between “popular” and sorting by country or alphabet. The Bundesliga can be z. B. can be found under “Popular” or “Bangladesh”.

Select match & betting market

After the Bundesliga has been selected, the offer for the next match days will be revealed for the top division in Bangladesh. The odds of the win, draw, and defeat market are listed for each match.

A number is used to reveal the number of associated betting options. As soon as the number or the heading has been clicked, William Hill provides the entire betting range. The appropriate market with the associated quotas must then be selected here.

Open betting slip & check selection

The betting slip opens automatically in the lower right area of ​​the website. In this the selected market is listed with the associated quota. If several matches are selected, a distinction must be made between “quick bet” and “all bets”.

This can be completely deleted using the “Empty betting slip” button. The quota is also highlighted in color.

Enter the stake and confirm the bet

As soon as the bet has been determined, it is time to place the bet. Simply click on the appropriate button and the bet is deemed to have been placed. The betting tax is NOT explicitly listed on the betting slip.

Bookmaker William Hill betting odds

Betting oddsThe ratios are based on the Payout Ratio ( ratio key determined payout). This strives towards one hundred percent. The higher the payout quota, the better the odds are to be rated. A odds key of 95 percent means that 95 percent of all bets are paid out to the successful betting friends in the form of winnings. Conversely, the bookmaker’s margin measures 5 percent.

At William Hill, the average payout ratio is between 93 and 94 percent. However, it should be noted at this point that this is an average value.

The odds are crucial for every sports betting fan. As the odds increase, so do the profits. Every sports betting fan ultimately dreams of big wins.

Direct insight into the available quotas granted our odds .

William Hill betting odds experience

A look at the average payout ratio reveals that William Hill does not have to shy away from comparison with the competition. In addition, this is only an average value. For this reason, there are outliers upwards and downwards.

william hill betting

William Hill is rooted in England and for this reason the odds for the Premier League are very important. The odds in the Premier League play a major role. The payout ratio in the top division in England is between 95 and 96 percent. Even with lower divisions in England, such as. B. the English League 1, the payout ratio moves around 94 percent.

In addition to the English Premier League, William Hill focuses on the other top international leagues from Germany, Spain, France and Italy.

The top classes are rated similar to the Premier League with a payout ratio of 95 to 96 percent. A value that is in the upper average but does not come close to the top betting providers.

Regardless of whether Bangladesh, Spain or Italy, insofar as the quota key is viewed from lower game classes, it should be mentioned that the quota level is definitely falling. However, the losses can be described as marginal and are not quite as large as with some competitors.

It should also be mentioned that the odds just mentioned only relate to three-way sports betting. In so far z. If, for example, the “Both teams meet” market is considered in the top leagues in Europe, it is said that the payout ratio there is between 93 and 94 percent.

William Hill’s offer is by no means limited to football. In total, there are more than 26 different disciplines available for placing bets every season. There are no limits to the choice.

Tennis is William Hill’s second steppe horse alongside soccer. The payout ratio there is quite impressive and scratches at the 95 percent mark in very popular tournaments. In some rare cases this is even clearly broken.

In conclusion, it should be mentioned that the quotas are strongly based on the level of awareness of the sport or the competition. In the sports betting sector, this can be described as a given and does not represent anything special. As a rule, those responsible at WilliamHill strive to keep the magic limit of 90 percent.

How good are the odds when placing live bets?

The odds in the live betting area are always slightly lower than in the pre-match sector. At William Hill, the cutbacks are limited in this regard. The online betting provider offers an average live betting payout ratio of 93 to 94 percent. Most of the competition cannot keep up and does worse.

In general, the odds in the live betting sector are similar to the pre-play area and depend heavily on the level of awareness of the respective duel. The top games show a small difference in odds and impress with their higher betting odds. In the case of lesser-known encounters, it is the other way around.

William Hill betting tax 5%

Betting taxAt William Hill, no tax-free betting is possible for customers from Bangladesh. The betting tax of five percent imposed by the Bangladesh tax authorities is passed on directly to the customer. This is at the expense of the betting odds. A further five percent must be deducted from the payout ratio.

To be fair, it must be mentioned at this point that there are only very few online betting providers on the market who finance the sports betting tax out of their own pockets.

Sports betting bonus for new customers

Bookmaker bonusIn order to make it easier for new customers to get started with sports betting and, above all, to make them appear more lucrative, William Hill has a great welcome bonus ready to get to know each other . Based on this, the basic building block for one or the other betting system is set in connection with comprehensive money management.

Acquiring new customers plays an important role even for a traditional bookmaker. The competition in the sports betting area is by no means to be despised. William Hill recognized this a long time ago and has a great welcome offer ready for its numerous customers to get to know. What this is all about and what to watch out for when it comes to stress will be discussed in more detail below.

William Hill Welcome Bonus: 100% up to € 100

William Hill has a welcome bonus of 100 percent up to € 100 ready for its new customers. The sports betting bonus is offered on the first deposit. At first glance, William Hill’s new customer bonus looks very similar to that of the competition. On closer inspection, however, a more than clear difference becomes apparent.

If the bonus is booked directly after the deposit has been credited to many other competitors, the deposit amount at William Hill is tied to wagering requirements before the bonus is credited. Only when this has been met does the online betting provider credit the sports betting bonus in the form of real money.

In order to qualify for the bonus at all, registration must be made via a link on the betting base. In addition, the bonus code “BC100” must be entered when opening an account.

After successfully logging in, the minimum deposit amount is € 20. First deposits below this do not entitle to receive the bonus. Deposits via Entropay, Moneybookers / Skrill, PayPal, PAYSAFE or Neteller also do not qualify for receiving the bonus.

To get the maximum bonus, the first deposit must be € 100.

William Hill Welcome Bonus Bonus Terms

Unlike the numerous competitors, the bonus does not end up in the betting account immediately after the first deposit. To receive the William Hill Sports Betting Bonus, the first deposit must be wagered five times. Only bets with a minimum odds of 1.80 are used. The minimum stake per bet is € 10. William Hill gives a 30 day window to meet all wagering requirements.

Free bets and bets in which the cash-out function was used do NOT contribute to the implementation of the welcome bonus.

As soon as the deposit amount has been converted five times under the conditions just mentioned, the first deposit will be doubled up to a maximum of € 100. The credit is in the form of real money. The bonus is therefore not subject to any further wagering requirements and can be withdrawn directly.

This offer may only be used once per person, player account, household, credit card, email address, telephone number and IP address.

William Hill welcome bonus (100% up to € 100) at a glance

BONUS AMOUNT: 100% up to € 100
BONUS TYPE:Deposit bonus
MINIMUM ODDS:1.80 per bet

Redeem William Hill bonus – step by step instructions:

Step 1: The first betting account is to be opened with WilliamHill via a link from the betting base. When registering, the bonus code “BC100” must be entered.

Step 2: Make an initial deposit of at least € 20.

Step 3: Wager the initial deposit amount at least five times (5x). (Minimum stake per bet: € 10 / minimum odds per bet: 1.80).

Step 4: If the wagering requirements have been met within 30 days, William Hill will double the first deposit amount up to € 100. The credit is in the form of real money:

william hill betting

William Hill Bonus FAQ:

Do I need a bonus code to use it?

A bonus code is required to use the bonus. When registering, the code “BC100” must be entered. If this code is not entered, William Hill will not credit the bonus.

Can the William Hill Bonus be withdrawn?

Since the bonus is not a free bet, it can be paid out in full. The William Hill Sports Betting Bonus is credited to the betting account in the form of real money as soon as the deposit amount has been wagered five times at a minimum rate of 1.80. The bonus itself is therefore not subject to any wagering requirements and can be paid out immediately after receipt.

Is it compulsory to claim the bonus?

The answer to the question is very clear with a “no”. If you do not want to claim the bonus, you simply do not need to enter the bonus code “BC100” when registering. Thus, the William Hill team knows immediately that the bonus should not be used. At this point, however, it is important to point out once again that the bonus will only be posted to the betting account as soon as the deposit amount has been converted five times under the above conditions!

Deposit and Withdrawal at William Hill

Mobile bettingThe flow of money must be guaranteed in any case in the sports betting area. Both deposits and withdrawals must be carried out quickly and easily and must not be associated with long waiting times for the customer.

William Hill can be seen in the area of ​​deposits and withdrawals in the cards and shows a high degree of transparency. The Help section has its own category that only deals with payments. There, all aspects of this are discussed down to the smallest detail. Above all, non-customers can also look forward to receiving well-founded information.

The following methods are available as part of a deposit:

  • MasterCard / VISA / Maestro (€ 10 to € 99,000)
  • Skrill (€ 10 to € 100,000)
  • PayPal (€ 10 to € 8,000)
  • Neteller (€ 10 to € 32,000)
  • WebMoney, Yandex Money, ECO, VISA Qiwi Wallet (€ 10 to € 12,000)
  • Sofortüberweisung / Klarna, Trustly, Fast Bank Transfer, Instadebit, POLi (€ 10 to € 12,000)
  • Paysafecard (€ 10 to € 250)
  • Neosurf (€ 10 to € 12,000)
  • Bank transfer (€ 30 to € 120,000)

The time it takes for the money to be credited to the betting account depends on the selected payment method. The minimum deposit amount is 10 € (excluding bank transfer) to be assessed as very fair.

William Hill deposit – step by step instructions:

Step 1: A basic requirement for depositing funds is to have a betting account with William Hill. The account opening can be initiated quickly and easily via a link in the betting base.

Step 2: After the typist has logged in, the checkout area must be called up.

Step 3: The desired payment service provider must be selected in the checkout area itself. After this has been done, the deposit amount must be determined.

Step 4: Insofar as the login has been completed with the payment service provider, the payment process and all entries connected with it must be confirmed.

Step 5: Depending on the selected payment method, the money is posted to the betting account within a certain period of time and is ready to be placed.