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UEFA EURO 2024 Qualifiers: Betting & Odds

In EURO 2024, to be held in Germany, twenty teams will advance through the group stage and three more through the playoffs. Twenty-four teams will play in EURO 2024, of which 23 will qualify. The tournament hosts, namely the Germans, will automatically qualify.

Now the best betting sites place Euro 2024 Odds for Qualifiers. Based on such data, odds will be formed for betting fans. Be aware of the latest developments in soccer to make the right choice and be sure to win a lot of money.

Where to Place UEFA EURO 2024 Bets

Today you have huge choices regarding UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers betting. Every year the best bookmakers are getting better and improving various mechanisms to make you win even more money.

You can find the best place a Euro 2024 Qualifier bet in reviews like this and articles by top soccer experts. The final round is scheduled from June 14 to July 14, 2024. That means plenty of time to find the right site. We recommend analyzing the teams to make sure your bets are consistently winning.

UEFA EURO 2024 Odds for Qualifiers

UEFA Euro 2024 Qualifiers betting on the playoffs is the highest. Since 12 teams will take part here. Nominally, they will be the winners of Groups A, B, and C. If one of these teams qualifies for the Euro, its place will be taken by the next team in that group. If there are not enough teams in a group that do not qualify for EURO, the league below will make the selection.

A draw determines the Euro group stage odds. The draw for the UEFA EURO 2024 qualification was held in Frankfurt on October 9, 2022. Germany received a direct ticket to the final. The remaining 53 teams were divided into ten groups. The winners will advance to the final round.

Group A Predictions

Euro group A predictions are some of the most interesting, primarily because of the countries that are members, namely:

  • Spain;
  • Scotland;
  • Norway;
  • Georgia;
  • Cyprus.

The clear favorite of many fans of gambling will be, of course, Spain. But other teams have an excellent chance to get to the next stage.

Group B Predictions

Bookmakers in almost every championship deservedly allocate the national team of France among the others. In addition to the French, Group B includes the following countries:

  • Netherlands;
  • Ireland;
  • Greece;
  • Gibraltar.

Euro qualifiers predictions of Group B are mainly aimed at the French. Right now, you can bet on the victory of the French team with odds of about 5.5 at the best bookmaker sites.

Group C Predictions

Another of the most vital groups was Group C. Group C includes the following countries:

  • Malta;
  • Italy;
  • England;
  • Ukraine;
  • Northern Macedonia.

Here Euro 2024 Odds for Qualifiers, based on predictions, are aimed at a win for England. Bookmakers allow betting on this team’s victory already at the qualifying stage.

Group D Predictions

Euro group D predictions rely on the favorites of many soccer fans, including the following countries:

  • Croatia;
  • Wales;
  • Armenia;
  • Turkey;
  • Latvia.

The game promises to be very interesting, with the Croatians and Turks predicted to score the most points. Many hope for Wales and Latvia as well.

Group E Predictions

The Euro qualifiers predictions of Group E are also exciting, as the following countries will compete against each other:

  • Poland;
  • Czech Republic;
  • Albania;
  • Faroe Islands;
  • Moldova.

Many experts highlight Poland and the Czech Republic in particular, as the teams have shown themselves from the best sides lately. Forecast data regarding this group is constantly changing, so we recommend analyzing each team separately and making a bet.

Group F Predictions

Euro 2024 Qualifiers betting tips Group F may vary, as it includes not one strong soccer country, namely:

  • Belgium;
  • Austria;
  • Sweden;
  • Azerbaijan;
  • Estonia.

Belgium and Austria are predicted to be the favorites in this set. Also, other countries have an excellent chance to score decent points and pass on. Many soccer fans are already looking forward to the matches of this group.

Group G Predictions

In the Euro 2024 Qualifier match tips, you can often find analytics about Group G, which includes strong soccer teams:

  • Hungary;
  • Serbia;
  • Montenegro;
  • Bulgaria;
  • Lithuania.

Here, bookmakers find it challenging to determine the favorite, as the odds constantly change. A selection of essential data analysts for matches is recommended for greater betting efficiency.

Group H Predictions

One of the most interesting Euro 2024 Group qualification is Group H, which includes:

  • Denmark;
  • Finland;
  • Slovenia;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Northern Ireland;
  • San Marino.

Here, most analysts predict Denmark and Slovenia to score the most points. At the same time, Northern Ireland may surprise many soccer viewers. Therefore, when betting, rely solely on your strategy and experience in analyzing the teams and their game.

Group I Predictions

The most unexpected and exciting betting on the 2024 UEFA EURO qualifiers may be in Group I, as it includes:

  • Switzerland;
  • Israel;
  • Romania;
  • Kosovo;
  • Belarus;
  • Andorra.

Many betting sites even predict Switzerland’s entry into the semifinals. This is due to the strong team and the professional play of the participants. Analyze each player to build your idea of the team and bet today.

Group J Predictions

EURO qualifiers odds and betting predictions also differ in Group J, which brought together popular soccer teams from countries such as:

  • Portugal;
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Iceland;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Slovakia;
  • Liechtenstein.

It is no secret that the favorite for many years in Portugal. But will it surprise its fans also in 2024. Analyze her opponents and bet now at the best betting site.

Using the Euro 2024 Qualifiers Betting Tips

A strategy for betting on EURO 2024 qualifiers involves tracking the odds. However, beginners often abuse this approach to betting. As inflated odds are not always a good sign for betting. That’s why we always recommend that you analyze your bet carefully.

For example, if the bookmaker puts odds of 2 on the victory of a strong team, do not rush to bet. Perhaps one of the key players in the team is injured, so the chances of winning are meager, even against the outsiders of the league. Often users bet on the whole deposit. We also advise betting limits based on your budget. But do not forget that this is not the main thing. The important thing is still to enjoy winning your favorite team.

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