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2023 F1 Championship Odds and Predictions

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As the following Formula 1 season begins, this review will look at the F1 predictions. Bookmakers are already taking bets on the new season. A season that many experts predict will be revolutionary. This year the races will start in March. They promise to surprise us with the new technical regulations, first of all in the field of aerodynamics. This should increase the number of overtaking, and thus the racing spectacle will become even brighter.

2023 F1 Championship Predictions

Any odds on F1 championship will be profitable only if the bettor knows how to analyze and predict races. Meaningless betting is a lottery in which you can win and lose. You have to have a strategy and analyze different factors that may affect the outcome of the bet. There are no win-win tactics because this sport is enjoyable and can give unexpected results.

You can read free race predictions. Experienced experts analyze in detail all Formula 1 betting lines and make predictions. Based on this, it is possible to make a winning bet. For example, the most common prediction is that there is only one favorite in the Constructors’ Championship, Mercedes. This team is given odds above 1.6. The pursuers to win are always the same: Red Bull and Ferrari. On one of these teams, you can bet quite a lot.

What’s New in F1 in 2023?

The year 2023 began with many innovations. For example, the number of Formula 1 betting lines may increase since the Andretti racing team has announced its intention to create a Formula One team with Cadillac. It is believed that Cadillac is one of the brands of General Motors. Company owner Michael Andretti has repeatedly tried to get into Formula 1.

The Formula 1 team opposes the possibility of the Andretti-Cadillac team. In general, they are against expansion. One reason is the prize money. They will have to be divided among several teams, leading to a decrease in income.

Everything will depend on Liberty Media, the owner of Formula One. They are the ones who make the final decision on the number of teams in the race. Therefore, FIA approval will not guarantee a new team in Formula One. Also interesting is that Saudi Arabia is considering buying the rights to Formula 1. This is because F1 races have been getting closer to Saudi Arabia lately.

One of the race’s main sponsors is the Arab company Aramco, and the 2021 Grand Prix of that country has been added to the calendar. The country’s state national capital fund has already made an offer to U.S. rights holders. Liberty Media, however, turned down the deal this year. That said, this championship means a lot more than money. If you follow the events, we recommend that you study this kind of information.


F1 predictions also depend directly on the number of teams participating in the competition, as well as their:

  • skills;
  • experience;
  • technical support.

Of the latest news we can highlight. It lies in the fact that the International Automobile Federation favors expanding the number of participants in Formula 1. But the teams themselves are against the emergence of new competitors. President of the International Automobile Federation, Mohammed Ben Sulaem, said that he is ready to expand the grid of Formula 1 to 12 teams.

It is worth adding that the governing body is ready to approve any team considered suitable for participation in Formula 1. This can happen even if the team is small. Right now, Formula 1 has a total of 10 teams, among which the most popular:

  • Aston Martin;
  • Ferrari;
  • McLaren;
  • Mercedes;
  • Red Bull.

Formula 1 predictions for 2023 include a record number of races. The entire championship will start on March 5 with the Bahrain Grand Prix.


2023 F1 driver predictions are not too different from last year. Interestingly, in 2023, the Formula 1 season will consist of 23 rounds, which is a record. The championship will start on March 5 in Bahrain and end on November 26 in the United Arab Emirates. The reigning champion is Red Bull driver Max Verstappen.

As for the driver’s line-up of the current year, the Mercedes team is headed by Lewis Hamilton and George Russell. The Red Bull team is also unchanged and will participate in the current winner, Max Verstappen, and Sergio Perez. In Ferrari, you will see Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Many of the drivers have multi-year contracts. That means you’ll see your favorite competitors in action more than once.

F1 Calendar 2023: When and where do the races happen?

The Formula One calendar for 2023 includes the following information:

  • date;
  • the name of the Grand Prix;
  • venue.

We recommend reading the complete list closer to March 2023 on the official website. F1 2023 standings predictions include an analysis of the location and timing of the races. In 2023, there will be three Grand Prix races in the U.S. at the same time:

  • May 7 in Miami;
  • October 22 in Austin;
  • November 18 in Las Vegas.

The race in Las Vegas still requires confirmation of the track itself. Therefore, the information, as well as F1 predictions, may change. Italy will also host two races on May 21 at the Imola circuit, and on September 3, the teams will clash at the Monza circuit. As of 2022, the following countries will not host a round of Formula 1:

  • Germany;
  • Portugal;
  • Turkey.

In addition, in 2023, the Grand Prix of China and Qatar will return to the Formula 1 calendar.

2023 F1 Championship Odds

Bookmakers usually do not offer a large selection of qualifying bets and compare the drivers and winners. In most cases, two representatives of the same team are against each other. Bets on one of the drivers are usually much lower than on his partner.

This is because team members use the same technique during the qualifying stage of F1. Therefore, everything depends on the driver’s skill here. It is easy enough for many people to predict who will win. Formula One odds of winning directly affect the odds. Among the best Formula 1 betting sites, there are many decent ones. Usually, the higher the predicted result of the driver, the lower his odds.

Previous Formula One Champions

Formula 1 is held annually. The individual and team rankings are determined at the end of each season. The title of World Champion is awarded to the best individual driver and the best team in the Constructors’ Championship.

2023 F1 season predictions come mainly from the analysis of last year’s races. Since the beginning of last season, Grand Prix has won Leclerc and Verstappen exclusively. First, in Bahrain, the flag at the finish line saw the first pilot Ferrari, then in Saudi Arabia, won the representative of Red Bull. Then the reigning champion Verstappen did not let the initiative out of his hands and won in two more stages.


Formula One has become known as the Royal Races because it is considered the most prestigious racing series in the world. And for most drivers, it is the pinnacle of their career. Millions of people around the world are interested in the sport. If you are getting to know it, we recommend reading the answers to frequently asked questions about Formula 1 betting.

Who will win F1 championship 2023?

Virtually all Formula 1 2023 predictions highlight the following riders in the win nomination among them:

  • Leclaire;
  • Verstappen;
  • Sainz;
  • Russell;
  • Hamilton.

You may not be able to guess the winner, but everyone knows that all fans will remember the 2023 season in Formula One of the Royal race.

What are the odds of Hamilton winning the championship?

Formula One odds of winning the championship in the person of Hamilton are relatively high. In 2023, as in the past, he is one of the top three contenders to win. Many experts believe more in Hamilton’s fast lap than in winning overall. But, as we know, in a sport like this, the outcome is always unpredictable.

Who is leaving F1 in 2023?

F1 championship odds among the outsiders are also different, as the championship knows how to surprise. For example, Formula 1 left a competitor who would not terminate his contract last year. It had more to do with the country’s exclusion from the lists of participants.

Who is favourite to win the F1 championship?

Formula 1 predictions include determining the favorites to win the 2023 championship. Many are betting on last year’s 2022 champion, namely Verstappen. But as we know, keeping the bar up all the time is hard, so sometimes it’s worth considering candidates from other teams.

Can you bet on F1?

Of course, in doing so, your F1 championship odds to win will depend on the analysis and the bet amount. Therefore, we recommend reading such reviews and interesting news articles about the championship more often. Some information can help you to make this or that choice in betting.

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