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2022-23 NBA Championship Odds

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The 77th major basketball league in the world is starting this year. The championship promises to be exciting because there will be a regular game between the Philadelphia Sixers and the Boston Celtics.

Sports and betting fans should already be preparing for the National Basketball Association. After all, bookmakers have already announced the top NBA finals favorites and betting odds. You can get acquainted with them in our material.

NBA Championship Favorites

Several teams in the NBA have big NBA finals odds. You can bet on these teams. This way, you can watch any team and make money on bets. To make the right bets, you need to follow the favorites. Below are the teams on which the big odds are betting.

Boston Celtics

According to the bookmaker’s NBA championship predictions, the Boston Celtics could reach the semifinals. Their success is estimated at 7.60. This is not the lowest odds.

Milwaukee Bucks

A win for the Milwaukee Bucks in the National Basketball Association is estimated at odds of 7.10. Experts believe this team has equal strength with the Los Angeles Clippers and Boston Celtics. This suggests that they have all the basketball odds NBA finals.

Denver Nuggets

The success of the Denver Nuggets is estimated at 7.0 odds. This means that this team has pretty good NBA finals odds. You can take a closer look at this team and bet on it.

Golden State Warriors

Sports betting sites favor the Golden State Warriors team. In their opinion, the team has all the chances to get NBA championship odds. The main favorites are considered to be the reigning champions. They have an odds of 7.10.

Brooklyn Nets

The Brooklyn Nets are one of the top favorites this season. According to NBA championship predictions, the team could easily reach the semifinals. Analysts have rated the team at odds of 8.0.

NBA Championship Odds Trends

The NBA is a great place for NBA finals bets. But, it is worth remembering that there are no long-term strategies here. Because the trends of the odds in the league change quickly with every specific action of the basketball players, therefore, if you are betting life, you must follow the match closely. It’s best to watch the game through a video broadcast. After all, some bookmakers update the odds with some delay. This can harm your winnings.

How to Bet NBA Finals Odds

The National Basketball Association Finals is an excellent opportunity to bet and win big cash prizes. Initially, NBA finals bets may seem complicated and confusing. But it’s not. It’s pretty simple, and everyone can figure it out quickly. A guide from our experts will help you learn about the following:

  • total points;
  • money lines;
  • live betting;
  • scatter points;
  • betting with an offer

This information will help to understand betting on the NBA quickly for beginners and experienced users. Therefore, it is highly recommended to read the presented guide.


The money line is the simplest and most common bet. When you choose it, you bet on the team that you think will win the match.

Making betting line NBA finals is very simple. You should know how to read the money line odds. As a rule, next to the team that is a favorite, there is a number with a minus. Correspondingly, next to the team’s name, the outsider is a number with a “+.”

Sports betting sites set numbers that indicate the probability of each team winning. You can also use them to calculate your expected winnings. For example, if it says +220 next to one team, that’s how much you can earn on a $100 bet. In this case, you will get $320. Conversely, an opposing line of -220 shows how much you need to bet to win $100.

Point Spread

These kinds of bets are unique because you don’t have to pick a winning or losing team. These bets may seem confusing initially, but if you figure it out, they are simple.

If you want to bet on NBA finals favorites, he must win with a certain preponderance of points. Conversely, the losing team must not lose by a certain margin of points.

Total Points

Bets on totals are pretty simple. Their essence is that you bet on the total number of points that will be scored throughout the game. You must calculate the total score by adding all teams’ points to make the right bet. So, for example, the total is set at 190.5. If you believe that it will be more, then, accordingly, you need to bet that the total final total will be more than 190.5.

Live Betting

The NBA is very popular in the betting industry. This has led to the emergence of real-time betting. The odds change during the match when the ball hits the ring and other events on the field of play.

Fans of gambling can earn large cash prizes if they use the right strategy. Our experts recommend betting with this strategy:

  1. Study the teams. It is best to rank national teams according to the presence of a comeback. This cheat sheet can help you assess each team’s chances at crucial moments in the game.
  2. Before betting on a particular team, you should ensure that crucial basketball players are not injured.
  3. If a losing team has no chance of making the playoffs and has no thought of making the tournament, there may not be a willful victory in the game.
  4. Place your bets only if you are watching the game via video broadcast. A text broadcast will not allow you to give a correct assessment of the strength of the athletes.

This strategy is considered the most straightforward and correct. If you follow it from the beginning of the match, you can make the right NBA finals betting.

Prop Bets

Almost all bookmaker’s offices provide special offers for betting. Sports betting sites offer additional bets on:

  • assists;
  • three-point free throws;
  • two-point free throws;
  • players’ points;
  • assists.

Basketball fans can also bet on team losses. Each bookmaker’s office offers bets on different twists and turns of the game.

Past NBA Finals Winners

The NBA has been held since 1950. Since then, 72 teams have won the finals. These teams have won the tournament most often:

  • Los Angeles Lakers;
  • Golden State Warriors;
  • San Antonio Spurs;
  • Boston Celtics.

They have more than three wins under their belt. One of these teams may go into the NBA finals odds 2023.

Teams With the Most NBA Championships

Over the years, the NBA has developed a list of 5 teams with records. One of those is the Los Angeles Lakers, with 33 consecutive wins. It will be difficult for future generations to break the records of the following teams:

  • Boston Celtics;
  • Golden State Warriors;
  • Chicago Bulls;
  • San Antonio Spurs.

These teams have great odds to win NBA championship. Therefore, you should keep a close eye on them.

NBA Teams That Have Never Won a Championship

Eleven teams in the NBA have never won the tournament. First, let’s take a look at the record-breaking Phoenix Suns team. In 52 years in the NBA, the team has never won a championship. The Los Angeles Clippers have a similar record. The team has played in the NBA for 50 years without a single win.

Since 1974, the Utah Jazz has played in the NBA. In 46 years, the team has failed to pick up a single win. The Indiana Pacers, Denver Nuggets, and Brooklyn Nets have played nearly as long without a win. The following teams have also failed to pick up a single title:

  • New Orleans Pelicans;
  • Orlando Magic;
  • Minnesota Timberwolves;
  • Memphis Grizzlies;
  • Charlotte Hornets.

These teams have participated in the NBA many times. But they’ve never won, and it’s unlikely they’ll ever win. NBA odds to win championship.


The NBA is quite a huge sporting event. Many fans wait for it to bet on their favorite teams. But, at the same time, some fans have questions concerning betting. Our experts have highlighted the main questions and answered them.

How do NBA Championship odds work?

According to the bookmaker, the odds at the National Basketball Association championship show the probability of a particular event. According to these odds, you can determine the payout and the net profit in case of a winning bet. To do this, you must multiply the bet amount by the odds of the bookmaker’s office.

How to read NBA Championship odds?

If you plan to do NBA championship betting odds, It should be understood that the odds can be expressed in different formats. So, for example, if the name of the team is -300, then you will need to bet $300. If it is a successful bet, you will make a profit of $100. So, in the end, your total income will be $400.

Can you bet on any NBA game?

Fans of sports tournaments and gambling can bet on any NBA game. Based on the terminology of any bet is called a parlay. You can bet on the outcome of one event or more by choosing it. You will receive a significant cash reward if you win all parts of the bet. But be careful because you may not get the prize if two of the three predictions come true.

Who is favored to win the NBA Finals 2023?

More NBA odds to win series. The Golden State Warriors have a 7.10. The success of the reigning champions is rated a 7.10. This team has repeatedly proven that they play at a high level. It is hard enough for other teams to beat them and take the championship. However, if there is one team that can win, it is Boston. They have an odds of 7.60 to win.

Who has the most NBA championship rings?

Bill Russell has the most NBU championship rings. The athlete played as a center for the Boston Celtics. During his 13-year basketball player in the NBA, he won the championship 11 times. What’s more, he won some rings eight years in a row. This was between 1959 and 1966. It is worth noting that the athlete won as a coach in the last two championships.

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