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NHL Winter Classic Odds, Predictions & Best Bets

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The NHL Winter Classics, a regular season National Hockey League game played outdoors. In early January, the NHL holds this championship yearly and delights its fans with a great spectacle. Even though the championship is held outdoors and there are many touches of frost outside, the championship games gather tens of thousands of spectators.

In this article, we will tell you the history of the Winter Classic, where and how the competition will be held, who to bet on, and how to do Winter Classic betting.

Winter Classic Odds 2024

The National Hockey League has announced in its official public service message that the 2024 Winter Classic will be held in Seattle. On January 1, the local club will host the Vegas Golden Knights. The event is also highly anticipated in the world of Winter Classic betting.

The teams will meet at the Seattle Mariners baseball team’s home stadium, T-Mobile Park, which seats 48,000.

The Seattle Cracken has played 35 games in the current NHL regular season, winning 19 games and losing 16. With 42 points, the Seattle Cracken is in seventh place in the Western Conference standings.

Seattle leads the league in players with ten or more points this season. There are 16 such players on the Seattle Cracken team.

Many popular betting shops accept bets on the Winter Classic games. Therefore, we advise all users of the NHL Winter Classic time to take advantage of the opportunity to win large sums.

Winter Classic Best Bets

The first thing you need to do to make the best bets is to watch the game. Familiarizing yourself with the game is an excellent chance for novice bettors to learn which players and teams are good and which are not. You will also learn who can score more points and defensive strategy.

A great tip is to consider team rosters and check if any player has suffered any injuries. A tip for beginners: always bet low, so you don’t lose your money if you lose. And also, you can gain personal experience to become an experienced player.

The best bets and high odds you can be offered only at reliable bookmaker’s offices which have been tested for years in this field. When you decide to make your first bet, we advise you to look carefully at the selected bookmaker’s office. The best bookmaker’s office can be considered only the one that has the following:

  • generous bonus policy;
  • a rich selection of sporting events;
  • fast payouts;
  • accessibility;
  • quality of service and support.

Bookmaker office, which will offer you the above, can be considered reliable. The advantages of betting on hockey are many matches because the teams play up to 2-3 times a week. Also, a wide range of top tournaments, that is, there are many markets on the statistics, and of course, the spectacularness of hockey’s high performance increases the number of strong-willed victories.

We also recommend you read the rating of betting sites:

  • BetOnline;
  • Sportsbook;
  • SuperBook;
  • 5Dimes.

We have studied these sites in great detail, and you can now compare them to find the best deals with the best NHL Winter Classic betting odds. These betting sites offer you competitive betting lines. They have a groomed user interface for smartphones that will make it easy for you to use.

You can win up to $2500 in their sign-up bonus, including a deposit match. You’ll also find NHL bets and promotional offers. Make the best bets with the highest Winter Classic Odds to win.

How to Bet The Winter Classic

Hockey offers a wide variety of Winter Classic bets for players of all backgrounds and wallets. This means that everyone will find something for themselves. Some of the best betting options are:

  • betting on the outcome;
  • match result;
  • puck line betting.

Winter Classic Odds on the outcome. These bets include only those made beforehand and on a particular team. The matching result is another type of bet where you need to predict the winner of the game. In total goals, you predict the total number of goals each team will score. This Winter Classic picks is a form of under or over betting.

You can bet on the puck line if you have a favorite team that you are more for. Such a bet is a spread bet with a favorite and an underdog.

The first game of the Winter Classic has already taken place. Now you can bet on the penguins vs bruins prediction game’s winner. This may be your chance to win a huge prize.

Winter Classic History

Without mention of ice hockey, the winter sports scene is incomplete. Since 2008, the National Hockey League has been playing its Winter Classic on New Year’s Day. Over the years, this tournament has become the NHL’s premier event, followed by millions of fans worldwide.

The event is also popular among sports betting players. Among bettors who visit betting shops every season to make Winter Classic bets on their favorite players and teams. But how did the Winter Classic come to be, and what is the NHL Winter Classic history of creation.

The NHL Winter Classic is a famous National Hockey League regular season game played outdoors. Hockey fans from around the world eagerly await it. The ancestor of the Winter Classic was the first NHL regular season game played outdoors in the 2003/2004 season.

At the time, the local Oilers played the Montreal Canadiens at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton on November 22, 2003. And even though it was freezing outside at -18 degrees, the game drew 57,167 spectators to the stadium. That legendary game was called the Heritage Classic.

After overwhelming success, the NHL management decided to hold one regular season game outdoors in early January. The first game of the Winter Classic was the game that took place on January 1, 2008, between the Buffalo Sabres and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The game was played at Ralph Wilson Stadium in Orchard Park. There were 71,217 fans in attendance at that game.

To this day, the regular season Winter Classic is one of the most popular events in hockey. And every year, more and more hockey and sports betting fans wait for these games to make Winter Classic picks for money.


Our blog has helped you learn everything you need about the Winter Classic of 2022. We’ve told you what to pay attention to when making Winter Classic predictions for the game and how to make the correct predictions. You should check out the most frequently asked questions about the Winter Classic 2024 championship. We can answer your question.

Who will play in the 2024 Winter Classic?

The hockey Winter Classics 2024 is scheduled to feature a game between the Seattle Cracken and Vegas Golden. The upcoming game will not be an easy one. It will take place in a Winter Classic format: outdoors at T-Mobile Park Stadium in Seattle, Washington. Place your bets on who’s in the Winter Classic this year, and win big.

What time is Winter Classic 2024?

The 2024 Winter Classic is scheduled for January 1, 2024. It is slated to be a showdown between the Seattle Cracken and Vegas Golden teams. The game will take place at Knights T-Mobile Park Stadium in Seattle, Washington. While there is still plenty of time before the game, we advise you to look closely at the teams’ stats. It will help increase the NHL Winter Classic betting odds.

Who won 2023 Winter Classic?

On January 2, 2023, the 2023 Winter Classic was played at Fenway Park Stadium in Boston, Massachusetts. The game was played between the Boston Bruins and the Pittsburgh Penguins. The game went 2-1 in favor of the Boston Bruins. The game drew 39,243 spectators to the stadium. Correct Winter Classic predictions helped hockey fans make good money in this game.

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