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How to bet on the Olympics: Legal Olympics Betting

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In 2024, Paris will become the second city, after London, to host the Summer Olympics three times. The program for the 2024 Summer Olympics consists of 32 sports covering 306 events, among them the Olympic debutant breaking.

One can hardly find a famous betting shop that does not accept Olympic prop bets. To be able to bet on many competitions, it is recommended to open betting accounts on different sites.

Major Olympic Events

The program of the Olympic Games 2024 includes 32 sports. To improve the program and the overall concept of the Games, the following were added to the 28 main Olympic sports:

  • breakdancing;
  • sport climbing;
  • skateboarding;
  • surfing.

It became an actual event, as Olympic wrestling betting odds were a real breakthrough in its time. They were chosen as additional sports that would set a new standard for:

  • inclusive;
  • gender-balanced;
  • youth-oriented play.

The Olympic torch relay starts in April 2024. From September 2023, the selection process begins. In the third quarter of 2023, the route will be presented. The relay will pass through all regions of France, and from Greece, the flame will be transported by boat.

If we discuss the odds to win most gold medals, many teams from all sports qualify for them. Also, for the first time in the history of the Olympic Games, there will be a mass marathon in which amateurs can participate. It will take place on the same day as the elite competitions.

The public marathon will occur at a different time, but on the same course and in the same conditions. So that as many people as possible participate, the organizers have developed different competition formats. This ensures that all people, healthy or with special needs, young or old, can fully enjoy an exceptional moment. Therefore, as we can see, there are various events, and the odds for most gold medals will be vast.

Olympics Bets Explained

In bookmaker offices, it is possible to make Olympics betting on the overall medal standings and the individual events. There are also many exclusive offers for each Olympics, such as the new sports we wrote about above.

If we talk about Olympics betting odds, the number of medals at the Olympics, then here you will be offered to bet on:

  • winner;
  • prizes;
  • total number of medals;
  • duel of the two countries.

As well as many other bets. The options are Olympics sports betting a lot.

Any betting analysis starts by looking at recent results. If it is not a bet on the overall medal standings, then looking at the results of previous Olympics in most cases helps. One should also look at performances at other tournaments that have taken place over the past year.

To determine the 2024 Olympics favourite, you can find out injuries, psychological condition, and if there is any information. Keep in mind that athletes always perform better at home. Also, Olympic predictions are published on the Internet, which can help analyze and research bets.

Choose a strategy for the sport you are betting on. There are universal options for determining Olympic medal odds. Or your financial strategies. Since the Olympics is incredible, many bookmakers run promotions and bonuses.

All of this information should be kept in mind not to miss the opportunity to get a lovely gift from the bookmaker’s office. Additionally, the best betting sites you can participate in the drawing for valuable prizes. It is believed that the lower the popularity of the sports discipline, such as women’s Olympic soccer odds, the worse the bookmakers estimate the odds of the participants. In the end, this is not true, do not miss the opportunity to make a bet based on personal analysis.

Olympics Betting Tips

In this review, we have prepared detailed step-by-step instructions for novice players. With its help, everyone can bet on the Olympics. Tips for Olympics betting odds consist of the following steps:

  1. Choose a betting company. Choose an online bookmaker based on bookmaker ratings, professional reviews, and feedback from other players. It should meet your needs and provide information regarding, for example, Olympic swimming betting and other sports.
  2. Then create a gaming account. After making a choice, go to the registration on the site of the bookmaker’s office and then open a gaming account. The registration process will not be too complex, even for inexperienced internet users. If legal betting companies create the game account, you must also pass the identification.
  3. Then you can safely make the first deposit. Open the page with financial transactions in your cabinet and use a convenient payment system to make a deposit.
  4. Analyze the teams. Look through the competitions available on the line and choose the event on which you want to bet. Analyze and think carefully about what is best to bet on. This can analyze both mens Olympic soccer odds and other sports.
  5. Place a bet. Place a bet result in the betting slip, indicate the amount you wish to bet, then confirm your choice.

As you can see, all of the above tips provide an opportunity to feel confident on the site, even for a newcomer. Don’t forget that the Olympic Games are a unique sporting event with many advantages for best bets Olympics at the bookmakers’ offices. Just choose the correct method for you, do the proper analysis, and have a little patience to monetize your knowledge of the Olympics.

Live Betting During The Olympics

2024 Olympic odds Live betting at the Olympics adds even more excitement to the participants, as it is carried out directly during the sporting event. More often, this type of betting is used for the most popular team sports, such as basketball and soccer.

At first glance, the live betting format seems simple and profitable. Because as the sporting event progresses, the bookmaker’s office constantly updates the money lines and totals. For newcomers to the live mode, it can complicate the usual format of the classic bets.

Many experienced players at the Olympics live bet even against the national team in favor of objective analysis. For the Olympics, the bookmaker is preparing carefully. The site administration studies innovations and evaluations, listen to experts and collects information about individual athletes.

Before engaging in live betting, it is worth looking at the odds of different bookmakers for the same bet. Also, it would help if you analyzed in advance the lineups of the teams you are interested in different sports and paid attention to the new players in the lineups.

If you have followed biathlon all your life, then trying to understand figure skating to make a live bet on some team is not worth it. Allocate your bankroll correctly so you don’t lose everything from a single live bet since the outcome can always change.

Allocate your money so that you always stay in the black. Sometimes, a gambler can cheer for his national team but objectively understand that the opponent is likely. A wide variety of teams participate in sports live betting at the Olympics, so objectivity is expected to be more critical than favorites. Therefore, we recommend doing live betting unbiasedly and relying only on cold analysis.

Olympic Betting Odds

Before making Olympic basketball betting odds or athletics, the player must understand what kinds of bets are available. And it would help if you also understood the appropriate betting odds. Moneyline, also known as straight betting, is the most common bet in the Olympics.

A player picks the winner of a single sporting or team event. For example, an Olympic bet on a match between the Swedish women’s and German women’s soccer teams might look like Sweden -140 and Germany +145. Hence 2024 Olympics favourite is always displayed with a minus sign.

The amount next to the mark indicates how much money you need to bet to win, for example, $ 100. A plus sign almost always indicates the outsider. This sign shows how much money you would win if you bet $100. That said, $100 is not a minimum bet but a simple odds. Most bookmaker’s offices that calculate Olympics odds make a minimum bet of $0.50 to $1.

Before the Olympics, online sports betting sites offer a wide range of futures betting. They cover every aspect of a sporting event and are favorites to win Olympics. The most exciting thing about this type of betting is the medal count. Bets are placed on which country wins the most gold medals. The information can be found and analyzed long before the Olympics.

The odds on Olympic futures also influence which country wins the tournament for each sport and how they finish in the group stage or which athlete will take home the gold.

A multiple bet offers the participant far more benefits than each winning bet. By studying all of this information, you are sure to guess the 2024 Olympic odds with your favorite team and make a tremendous amount of money.

All-time Olympic Games medal table

Olympic medal odds determine which team makes it onto the Medals Table. The Olympic Medals Table of all time includes a list of countries and the number of medals awarded throughout the tournament. For example, the Australian team won more medals in the triathlon. And more medals in alpine skiing were won by the Austrian team during the entire Olympic Games. It is also worth adding the awards of the following countries:

  • the Brazilian team won more medals in soccer;
  • the British team won more medals in sailing, water sports, cricket, tug of war, polo, and racketeering;
  • the German team won more medals in equestrian, biathlon, and bobsleigh;
  • the USA team won more medals in basketball, boxing, volleyball, golf, track and field, swimming, diving, rugby, softball, shooting, tennis, and American soccer.

Also interesting is the fact that this table also includes those countries that have ceased to exist, such as the team of the Soviet Union. But the trace of history and the number of awards are fixed in this table.

It is worth adding that in the last games, which were held in the capital of China, participated athletes from 91 countries were. The event was the debut of two countries, Haiti and Saudi Arabia. At that time, Norway set a record for gold medals.

Therefore, there are separate tables for different categories of countries, for example, even those who have not won a single medal in history. When any conflicts arise, it could be because of doping. The country could be obliged to perform under a neutral flag. A separate Olympic medal table is also created for such neutral countries. Thus, the creation of tables is taken more than seriously.


Virtually the entire world will be watching the current live Olympic games. Gambling enthusiasts, this championship will also not leave you indifferent. Even now, the participating countries are being analyzed, and many gamblers are creating a budget for future bets. To help better understand betting on the Olympics, we recommend reading the information below.

Is it popular to bet on the Olympics?

Olympics sports betting has been popular for many years, as it is one of the most unpredictable championships. Also, many players are attracted:

  • variety of games;
  • the dynamism of the championship;
  • the scale of the event.

Most of the best betting sites have Olympic betting available now, so don’t waste your time and study your favorite sport.

Is It Legal To Bet On The Olympics Online?

Yes, to bet on Olympics is now perfectly legal. To do so, it is necessary:

  • be of legal age;
  • be in a country where gambling is allowed;
  • choose the best betting site.

The gambling world has long been peppered with betting on the Olympics, and next year will be no exception.

Who will host the 2024 Olympics?

Olympics odds of participating in 2024 decreased for countries like Russia and Belarus. On January 25, 2023, the IOC said it agreed to the proposal of the Olympic Council of Asia to allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to participate in Asian competitions. The question of participation of only these countries in 2024 remains open.

Can I bet on the Olympics on a mobile?

Olympic gambling involves betting from any device, including mobile devices. To do this, you will need the following:

  • internet access;
  • smartphone;
  • to register on the official betting site.

Note that when you select the currency of deposit, you automatically select the currency of your fund’s withdrawal.

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