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2022-23 NHL Stanley Cup Odds

Our article will talk about betting on sporting events in the world of hockey. To tell us about the world of sports betting, we will help history. At all times, gambling and the desire to defend their point of view is a characteristic of man. Sporting events evolved back in Antiquity, and even then, there were the first bets on the winners.

Today we will talk about the main event in the world of sports, NHL Stanley Cup predictions. To avoid losing money, read our article, and you will learn the basics of betting, player behavior rules, and financial management principles.

Current Stanley Cup 2023 Favorites

On the evening of October 7, the first game of the NHL regular season, 22/23, took place in Prague. Players worldwide are watching the game closely, and bookmakers are trying to be as thorough as possible, parsing all aspects of the event. This is done to make the current Stanley Cup odds on the game as correct as possible.

In the new season, the chances of success are very high:

  • Colorado;
  • Toronto;
  • Tampa Bay;
  • Florida;
  • Washington, DC;
  • New Jersey.

However, there are chances for shady favorites like New York, the Rangers, Edmonton, Minnesota, and others to take a shot. Don’t discount the Washington Protas, as the Capitals are always solid and dangerous.

We advise you also to bet on the new season’s success of the Toronto team. The team showed themselves great in season 21/22. They were lacking enough to win. Most likely, the Maple Leafs will learn from their previous performances and be able to win the Stanley Cup.

Where can I Bet on the Stanley Cup Final?

The Stanley Cup tournament is in full swing, and where to place your bets is the central question for players worldwide. We offer our list of the best bookmakers, giving you the highest possible Stanley Cup finals odds. The list of the best bookmakers looks like this:

  • 888sport. A quality bookmaker whose target market is Europe;
  • Bodog. Bodog, a popular bookmaker, was founded by Canadian billionaire Calvin Ayre in 2000. The company’s office is located in Antigua;
  • NetBet. Founded in 2001 in the UK. Bookmaker focused on the European market. Among the available languages: are English, French, Spanish, German, and Japanese;
  • NoxWin. This is a bookmaker which was founded in 2007 in Malta. The company operates under a Curacao license;
  • Winmasters. The betting company was founded in Malta in 2014. It works only online.

Choose only reliable bookmakers with good reviews and the best ratings. Consider the percentage of successful Stanley Cup predictions because you can win only with such a bookmaker.

Popular Bets for Stanley Cup

The NHL is an unpredictable tournament and is considered the strongest hockey league in the world, in which anyone can win. You can place your bets now with the odds:

  • Colorado wins 6;
  • Toronto win 10;
  • Tampa Bay 11; Tampa Bay 11;
  • Florida won 13.

While there’s still a lot of time before the finals, we advise you to study the rules and bet to maximize your odds to win Stanley Cup. To make bets, an important task is to choose a reliable and honest bookmaker office. Our list of bookmakers with the best odds and payouts will help you.

General Sportsbook Rules for Stanley Cup Betting

Consider the rules for betting on Stanley Cup. There is a specific vocabulary in betting. To make the correct predictions and bets, you need to know a betting line, Stanley Cup betting line, betting, prediction and express, and what types of bets there are. Getting ready to bet on sports is a complex and multifaceted activity requiring knowledge of all the rules.

Bookmakers offer bets on ice hockey on the victory of the team:

  • only in regular time without overtime and shootout;
  • including overtime, no shootout;
  • complete game with overtime and shootout.

Make bets with high NHL Stanley Cup odds. You can bet on the outcome, on the total, on the handicap, and score both.

Betting on the game’s outcome is a classic bet at the bookmaker. For hockey bets on the winner to be virtually win-win, you should carefully study the statistics and features of teams and leagues.

Total in hockey is a quantitative limit on the number of pucks thrown into the goal. The task of the bettor is to make a correct prediction. More or less than this figure will be the result of the match.

Handicap allows bettors to adjust the actual result of the match, equalizing their chances. Hockey handicap betting does the same thing. Only the handicap is slightly higher than in soccer. Remember, only a severe approach, even to a joke case, gives the best odds to win Stanley Cup.

Stanley Cup Betting Tips and Strategies

This sport has some exciting features that make it very attractive for betting. We will look at what these features are and what are the best strategies to use in hockey. Beginners may not realize this feature of hockey, but here it is possible to remove the goalkeeper and put another regular player in his place.

Teams often remove their goalie in the final minutes when they are one puck behind the opponent. At this point, you can safely bet on the total more than the mark, which is now. That is a bet on the fact that another goal will be scored. Two possible variants: the first team will score a goal thanks to the numerical superiority, or it will miss a goal since they have no one at the gate.

The easiest way to bet on the hockey total is to bet on a high score, that is, that there will be many goals. Before doing so, it is better to check how many future opponents have been scoring lately. If they have problems with the attack, it is better not to touch this match. Hockey is very unpredictable, and after a long black streak, the underdog can easily blow away the favorite.

Use this strategy to help you multiply your NHL playoff betting odds on a good win.

Past Stanley Cup Winners

The 2022 Stanley Cup rattled off a win for Colorado. The Avalanche were indeed the best team of the season and deservedly won. Bookmakers are already taking bets on the champion of the new season. Past winners are:

  • 2021: Tampa Bay Lightning; Coach John Cooper;
  • 2020: Tampa Bay Lightning, coach John Cooper;
  • 2019: St. Louis Blues, coach Craig Berube;
  • 2018: Washington Capitals, coach Barry Trotz;
  • 2017: Pittsburgh Penguins, coach Mike Sullivan;
  • 2016: Pittsburgh Penguins, coach Mike Sullivan.

The Stanley Cup 2023 is in full swing. So we are watching the tournament with great interest.

Teams With the Most Stanley Cup Wins

The Stanley Cup has been the NHL’s main trophy since 1927. The most titled club in the league in Montreal. This team has won the Stanley Cup 24 times. In second place in the number of cups is the team Toronto, which has won the trophy 13 times and become a Stanley Cup repeat winners. Then come the teams:

  • Detroit 11 times;
  • Boston, Chicago 6 times;
  • Edmonton, Pittsburgh 5 times each;
  • New York Rangers and New York Islanders 4 times each;
  • New Jersey, Tampa, and Colorado 3 times each.

Then the teams with two wins each are Philadelphia and Los Angeles. And once each team is Dallas, St. Louis, Calgary, Anaheim. And now, the world is anticipating who will win, and there are many theories regarding the NHL odds to win Stanley Cup for one team or another.


We also offer you to read the popular questions of our users. We encourage you to read them carefully.

Who is favored to win the Stanley Cup in 2023?

Currently, betting on the Stanley Cup, betting analysts consider the Avalanche the clear Stanley Cup favorites of the new season. You can bet on the victory of Colorado at odds of 6.00. In addition, Toronto and Tampa Bay, as well as Vegas and Florida, have high chances of winning.

Which team is most likely to win the Stanley Cup?

The Colorado team has high NHL Stanley Cup betting odds. Colorado is the current owner of the Stanley Cup, so for many bettors, this team is the clear favorite of the new season. The basis of the team, Avalanche, will remain, and they are capable of another victory.

When was the first Stanley Cup awarded?

The first winner of the tournament was the Montreal HC in 1893. The prize was played between amateur teams in the early stages, but that changed over time. In the early years, the competition began to be dominated by professional clubs, so in 1913 the NHA reached an agreement that the respective champions would play each other in the annual Stanley Cup series.

What teams will be in the Stanley Cup Playoffs 2023?

The Stanley Cup playoffs are not yet here, and there is still plenty of time to study all aspects of the teams to see who has the odds to win the Stanley Cup. Bookmakers believe Colorado is the leading contender for the cup. Next on the list of contenders for victory are Toronto and Tampa Bay. Also highly estimated are the chances of Florida and Vegas. Most likely, these teams will make the playoffs.

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