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When and Where is the 2026 World Cup?

World Cup USA 2026 will be played in three countries, the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The World Cup, the 23rd FIFA World Cup. 16 cities, 11 of them in the United States. The most crucial soccer event will be held in the summer, from June 8 to July 3, 2026.

To learn more details about the World Cup 2026, in our article, we told about all the details of how the soccer tournament will be held. What World Cup 2026 dates and where Soccer World Cup 2026 will take place.

Who Will Host the 2026 World Cup?

This is the first time in soccer history that three countries host the 2026 FIFA World Cup at once. The United States, Canada, and Mexico are on that list. These countries will put on the most excellent show on Earth. This event will be remembered for a long time. As for the cities that will host the 2026 World Cup, there will be 16. These are:

  • 11 cities from the United States;
  • two cities in Canada;
  • 3 cities from Mexico.

Each city will be divided and play three teams. The cities have modern stadiums equipped to host the World Cup in 2026.

2026 World Cup U.S.

In 1994, the United States of America already hosted its soccer guests at the World Cup. The soccer tournament fell in the summer, starting on July 17. The World Cup was then the 15th edition of the national teams. Then Brazil won the championship. The USA team also participated in the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. The U.S. team defeated the Iranian team in the match with a minimal advantage. In 2026, the United States will again host Mundial 2026 in its 11 cities.

2026 World Cup Canada

Canada has not yet had to host its soccer matches. In 2026, the World Cup will be held in two Canadian cities known to everyone for a long time. For the first time in 36 years, the Canadian national soccer team entered the World Cup in 2022 in Qatar. At this world championship, the Canadian national soccer team delighted its own and neutral fans with a bright game.

But in the aftermath, it did not give the desired result to the Canadians, who could not break into the playoff. But who knows how the new format of the World Cup will affect this country’s national team.

2026 World Cup Mexico

The third country to host the players will be the hot country of Mexico. This country was the most hospitable, having hosted the World Cup twice, in 1970 and 1986. They were remembered for their particular brightness, cheerfulness, and fantastic atmosphere. What gave the fans in the stands and the spectators at the TV screens an unforgettable experience and a unique pleasure that happens once in 4 years.

It was Diego Maradona’s championship, which was at the peak of his soccer career. Then he led Argentina to victory for the second time. Now Mexico has decided to invite the players and their fans again to host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.

World Cup 2026 Which Cities Will Host The Tournament

Such an important event for all will be held in different cities, three great countries. The host countries for the soccer tournament are:

  • USA;
  • Mexico;
  • Canada.

They turned out to be very hospitable since some had already hosted the World Cup in their country. These countries are the USA and Mexico. It will host 16 cities, 11 of them only cities from the U.S., the other three from Mexico, and two from Canada. The cities that will host the World Cup in 2026 are Vancouver, Kansas City, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Monterey, Mexico City, Guadalajara, Miami, Boston, Monterey, Seattle, Atlanta, Dallas, and Houston. All of these cities are carefully preparing to welcome new winners.

When Will the 2026 World Cup Start?

Even now, big soccer fans are beginning to discuss the main event of 2026. This is the year when the most exciting soccer event will occur, the FIFA World Cup 2026, in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The internet is swirling with approximate dates for when is the next FIFA World Cup. This event falls in early summer, from early June to early July 2026.

How Many Teams Will be at World Cup 2026?

Initially, 32 teams were supposed to participate in the 2026 World Cup, but in 2017, there were changes. The director of FIFA said that 48 national teams will now participate in the World Cup. They will be divided into 16 groups, with three teams each. After that, they will be divided into 16 groups of three teams, playing in one of the 16 cities. After that, it will follow a more traditional format of the game, quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. With this option increases the total number of matches.

The number of matches played at the World Cup in 2026 may vary from 80 matches to 104 matches. The year 2026 promises to be interesting, as it is the new format for the 2026 World Cup, with 48 teams playing in the championship at once. The qualifying tournament starts in 2023.

How Many Matches Will Played and What is the Format?

The World Cup in 2026 will not be what fans, especially the players, are used to seeing. After all, the rules of how the World Cup will be held may change. And the number of 2026 World Cup matches, too. If all the same, the World Cup will take part 48 teams, and the matches may grow to 80 and more. Most of the matches will be held in the United States. After all, it is believed that the host cities 2026 World Cup. The exact number of matches is not yet known since FIFA has not yet decided on the scheme for the World Cup 2026.

Full List of World Cup 2026 Venues and Their Capacity

As we already know, the World Cup 2026 will be held in 16 cities in three large countries. It is already becoming known in which stadiums the 2026 soccer competition will be held:

  • Metlife Stadium, New York;
  • Sofi Stadium, Los Angeles;
  • At and T Stadium, Arlington;
  • Levi’s Stadium, San Francisco;
  • Hard Rock Stadium, San Francisco.

There are a total of 16 stadiums on the list. These stadiums are the best and most convenient for the 2026 World Cup.


The 2026 FIFA World Cup is the most discussed event among soccer fans. The Internet is flooded with news about the 2026 FIFA World Cup. Many national teams from many countries will take part in it. We have selected the top most frequently asked questions and answered them.

Which city will host 2026 World Cup final?

The 2026 FIFA World Cup finals will be held in New York City. The final game is planned to be held at Metlife Stadium. The stadium has a capacity of 82,500 fans. This is the perfect World Cup 2026 location to host this most important soccer tournament. FIFA World Cup 2026 location, there will be 16 cities, some of which are:

  • Boston;
  • San Francisco;
  • Toronto;
  • Mexico City;
  • Vancouver.

Of the long list of locations for the 2026 World Cup, only 11 cities from the United States. They would love to host the national soccer teams and their big fans.

What months will the 2026 World Cup be held?

World Cup 2026 will be held during the warm and dry season. The event falls during the hottest summer months, from early June to the beginning of the second month of summer, July. But fans need not worry about their safety, as the stadium is designed to shut out the sun’s rays, so there is no need to worry that the sun will interfere with the game and cheer for the national teams.

What date is the 2026 World Cup final?

Fans looking forward to the Championship, which will be held in 2026, do not yet know the date of the finals. The World Championship will start in the summer of 2026 from June 8 to July 3. But since the new format is possible, the event’s date may change. We will only know the exact date of the men’s World Cup 2026 finals. So stay tuned and read soccer articles to keep up with the latest developments.

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