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Women’s World Cup 2023: Teams, fixtures, matches and dates

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On July 20, 2023, the Women’s World Cup will start in New Zealand and Australia. It will be the biggest competition ever. Since 32 teams will participate in the championship.

This great sporting event will take place soon, so it is worth preparing for. In this article, you can learn about the teams that will participate. You can also check out the championship schedule. The information will help you make the right bet on Womens world cup matches.

Womens World Cup Format and Past Winners

From 2023 there will be a new format for the Women’s World Cup. From this year, there will be an expanded championship. Now the competition will take not 24 teams, but 32. It was also decided to double the prize money.

The FIFA Council approved it after last year’s successful championship. Then a record attendance at the tournament was set.

In 2023, the World Cup will begin with a group stage. It will consist of eight groups of four teams. Each group will be allocated two groups that will make the playoffs. After that, national teams will play in elimination. Thus, increase the number of games from 52 to 64.

Note that the FIFA Women’s World Cup was officially recognized only in 1991. In all that time, there have only been four countries that have won the tournament, viz:

  • United States of America;
  • Germany;
  • Japan;
  • Norway.

One more country may be added this year. We will be able to find out the winners on the August 20 Womens world cup final date.

Women’s World Cup Betting Odds 2023

The FIFA Women’s World Cup will take place very soon. For the first time in 2023, 32 teams will compete, including Canada, the United States, England, and France. If you plan to bet, pay attention to these sportsbooks that offer Women’s World Cup 2023 odds. This way, you will be able to make the right decision. According to the information provided by the bookmakers, the leading positions are occupied by the following countries:

  • First place went to the United States of America;
  • England is in second place;
  • Third place went to Spain;
  • In fourth place was Germany;
  • The French team was in fifth place.

Australia, the Netherlands, and Brazil took the last places. However, we should not forget that this can change, and the table can change the favorites.

Where to bet?

The Women’s World Cup in 2023 has attracted a lot of attention. Many soccer fans plan to enjoy the game and bet on Womens world cup favorites. To place bets, choosing a reliable bookmaker’s office is necessary. It is best to choose a bookmaker that meets the following parameters:

  • presented a wide choice of banking methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. As a rule, a reliable bookmaker offers at least three payment methods of transactions;
  • offers average odds. Do not choose a bookmaker who offers too high or small odds. Because it may be an indication of fraud;
  • the company should provide information about the addresses of the company. Also, the license should be publicly available. Only such bookmakers should be trusted.

It is recommended to read several reviews on bookmaker’s offices. This way you can give your preference to a reliable and safe company.

Women’s World Cup 2023 Predictions

The ninth Women’s World Cup is given much more attention than previous competitions. Because in 2023, the tournament will be held with innovations. As mentioned above, 32 national teams will participate in the competition for the first time this year.

It will be a great time to do WWC betting. Soccer fans will have plenty of options on which team to bet on. If you plan to bet, we suggest you familiarize yourself with championship favorites. That way, you can win a big cash prize.

Team USA

The favorites to win women’s world cup is the United States team. This is due to the previous victories of this team. The U.S. team won the last two World Cups in women’s soccer.

In 2021, the team won a bronze medal at the Olympics. In 2022, the team won the CONCACAF competition. It was their ninth victory at this championship.

It is worth noting that Jill Ellis left the U.S. team after the last tournament.

Team France

The French team was the favorite. This women’s team is considered one of the most stable teams. The French team has made it to many major tournaments. At the last FIFA Women’s World Cup, this team was the second favorite to win.

Many sports fans in the last tournament made Womens world cup betting odds exactly on this team. Then they were the home team, which did not play a small role in the bookmakers’ decision. However, the team could not beat the U.S. team in the quarterfinals. But, the French team can boast the fact that three times reached the semifinals in the following competitions:

  • European Championships 2022;
  • 2012 Olympics;
  • FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2011.

In 2023, the French team can still beat the United States of America since the team was able to qualify for this competition with an excellent result. In the group stage, the national team could win all ten games without a single defeat. Therefore, it is worth betting on the victory of the French team in this FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Team England

The next Womens world cup favorites in England. This team has reached the semifinals of the Women’s World Cup several times. This happened in 2015 and 2019.

The England team was able to repeat the success of the French team. The women’s team was able to win their group ten times. It is worth noting that the national team did this without a single goal conceded. Thus obtaining a goal difference of +80.

In the summer of 2022, the England team won the European Championship. The team brought home the gold medal in the significant adult tournament. This happened for the first time in the last 50 years.

In addition, the England women’s national team has officially become the team that has never lost in 2022. This was recognized after they won two friendlies in the fall. They also ended two friendlies with a draw.

Because of this, many women’s soccer fans are betting on the England team. Therefore, betting during the Women’s World Cup should not exclude this team.

Who will win the group stages at the Women’s World Cup 2023?

Many bookmaker’s offices provide the opportunity to make group WWC betting. But you should take into account the fact that after each match, the lines change. To understand how much profit you can get, bookmakers offer to use unique betting calculators.

Bookmakers have already provided a list of favorites, which can become the winners of their groups. You can rely on this information when deciding which team to bet on. And so, the possible winners are:

  • Group A – Norway;
  • Group B – Australia;
  • Group C – Spain;
  • Group D – England;
  • Group E – USA;
  • Group F – France;
  • Group G – Sweden;
  • Group H – Germany.

The top two teams will be selected from each group, automatically qualifying for the 1/8 finals. After that, they will play an elimination game.

Group A Picks

Group A comprises New Zealand, Switzerland, the Philippines, and Norway. According to the world cup Women schedule, New Zealand and Norway will open the tournament. The match will take place on Thursday, July 20.

The favorites of the group are New Zealand and Norway. Many bookmakers bet that these teams will take first place.

Group B Picks

Group B includes hosts Australia. It also includes teams from Nigeria, Ireland, and Canada.

According to bookmakers, the Womens world cup betting odds are on Australia. But one of the favorites is also Canada. It is these teams that can enter the 1/8 finals.

Group C Picks

Many are wondering who will win Women’s world cup. Based on the information provided by bookmakers, the third favorite to win is the Spanish team. The team will compete with Zambia, Japan, and Costa Rica. Spain’s main rivals are the Cathedral of Japan. They are the second favorite to make the playoffs. This team has previously won the Women’s World Cup.

Group D Picks

Group D includes England, China, and Denmark. The fourth team will be the winner of the group in the playoffs. They could be teams from the following countries:

  • Chile;
  • Senegal;
  • Haiti.

On February 18, a qualifying match will be between Haiti and Senegal. Four days after that, there will be a game between the winner and Chile. This will be the WWC final date for the formation of this group.

Group E Picks

The favorites to lead Group E are the United States of America. Their main rivals are the Dutch team. These two national teams reached the final of the tournament in 2019. With them in the group was the team of Vietnam. The fourth participant will be the winner of Group A in the playoffs.

Group F Picks

In Group F, the French team is in the lead. To compete with them, the team from Brazil is preparing. This team is famous because, in 2007, it reached the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup. Moreover, the Brazilian national team has never missed a significant women’s soccer tournament.

The third team in this group is Jamaica. Who else will join them will be known as early as February 23. The fourth team could be Paraguay, Panama, Taipei, or Paraguay Papua New Guinea.

Group G Picks

Many bookmakers make special bets on this group since it includes teams from South Africa, Argentina, Sweden, and Italy.

Based on the information, bookmakers do the most WWC betting on the team from Sweden. It will play against Italy.

But watching the game between Argentina and South Africa will also be interesting since these two teams will try to make the playoffs for the first time.

Group H Picks

Group H includes such teams as Germany, Colombia, Morocco, and South Korea. The favorite is Germany; bookmakers believe this team who will win Women’s world cup. Since earlier in the tournament, this team has already won several times.

But do not underestimate other teams. After all, in 2015, South Korea and Colombia teams made the playoffs.

Women’s World Cup 2023: 10 players to watch this spring

The Women’s World Cup in 2023 has become a major sporting topic. Because this year will be a major tournament with new rules, this international competition should be watched even by those who have never been interested in it. Moreover, we recommend paying attention to the ten players of the women’s national teams.

Sophia Smith is a member of the United States national team. This footballer tends to score all the goals. Thus, on her account 14 goals in 18 matches. The Thorns team in one season.

Pay attention to Alexia Putellas from Spain. The footballer is a two-time winner of the Golden Ball. She is very popular among the fans in Barcelona.

A member of the Australian national team Sam Kerr. The footballer has a long list of achievements. She has played for the Australian national team since she was 15.

We also recommend paying attention to seven other soccer players. They will surprise with their achievements:

  • Ada Hegerberg;
  • Lauren Hemp;
  • Wendy Renard;
  • Katarina Macario;
  • Vivianne Miedema;
  • Alex Morgan;
  • Fran Kirby.

These players are known for their skills. One of them may score the decisive goal at the WWC final time.


In 2023 there will be a large-scale World Cup for women’s soccer. Special attention is being paid to this competition. Even those who have never followed such tournaments have become interested in them. That is why many people have questions concerning this event. Especially the Womens world cup betting odds.

To understand this topic, we have prepared answers to frequently asked questions. We recommend reading it because you can find an answer to your question.

Who is favored to win Womens World Cup?

To date, the Womens world cup favorites is the team of the United States. Bookmakers believe that this team is the favorite to win. Previously the national team has already won the Women’s World Cup. On account of the U.S. already has several victories in this large-scale competition in soccer.

Where will the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup be held?

To see this large-scale competition with your own eyes, you must go to New Zealand and Australia. The cities of Auckland and Sydney will share the 2023 Women’s World Cup. That is where you should take your plane tickets.

Which country will host FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023?

In 2023, a great international soccer competition will occur in two countries. This year’s women’s world cup location are Auckland, New Zealand, and Sydney, Australia. The women’s soccer championship will start in Auckland and end in Sydney.

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